Digital Maturity Model: The Dance That Has Just Begun

Today… now… is the time to embrace digitization because it is becoming clear that there will be winners… and losers. An increasing number of studies show that while digitization is inexorably penetrating most industries, most have not yet even attained a 50% or better digital diffusion in marketing and distribution, and markedly less digitalization across other organizational dimensions. These same studies show strong evidence that the greatest gains will ultimately go to the first movers and fast followers.

In fact, findings from a Digital McKinsey (& Company) study suggests, "As digitization penetrates more fully, it will dampen revenue and profit growth for some, particularly the bottom quartile of companies, according to our research, while the top quartile captures disproportionate gains.Bold, tightly integrated digital strategies will be the biggest differentiator between companies that win and companies that don’t, and the biggest payouts will go to those that initiate digital disruptions. Fast-followers with operational excellence and superior organizational health won’t be far behind."

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Use The Digital Maturity Model To Develop A Growth Plan For Digital Adoption, Disruption and Transformation

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Just because you are doing both SEO and PPC or SEM doesn't mean that you have a truly integrated online marketing strategy. A truly integrated strategy requires a full analysis of your current marketing efforts to properly design a campaign that will increase revenue. To learn more about how an integrated online marketing program can increase your revenue and profits, download the free white paper.

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