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Artificial Intelligence and Your Email Strategy

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Artificial Intellgence, Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is now becoming widely available and is prized for the power it has to change the way we conduct business. Unfortunately, email marketing is still akin to a crapshoot for even experienced marketers who struggle to create content that is personalized for the specific needs and behaviors of the individuals on their lists.

Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence has arrived and is more than capable of closing that gap and offering the 1 on 1 personalized feel each of us desire when we open an email. Our email campaigns no longer need to be limited by one size fits all emails which understandably suffer from dismal open and CTR rates. Someone cue the hallelujah chorus, please!

In addition, we are now able to dissect our email campaigns, identify which strategies are truly working for us and modify methods that are not performing well. This level of personalization and behavior data analyzation will no doubt lead to increased conversions and much higher ROI.

Additional AI Email Marketing Capabilities:

  1. Identify effective email copy based on audience behavior data and preferences
  2. Determine the best send times and message for each customer list
  3. Automation emails can now be further personalized and tailored to highlight special events and products

Artificial Intelligence technology will no doubt continue to grow and expand but it is already changing how we should plan to market to our customers effectively. There is no better time than the present to take hold of this opportunity and harness the power that Artificial Intelligence has to magnify your email strategy and grow your brand.




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