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Why You Should Consider Pinterest Advertising

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Have you thought about reaching out beyond Facebook, with its millions of advertisers, to get your products and message across to a wider audience? This exciting opportunity is waiting for your consideration and advertising dollars. 

It’s no secret that the revenue of Pinterest has grown. Ad growth spending has increased on this platform, and there are abundant reasons why, as a marketer, you should be a part Pinterest’s success. There are many reasons why hundreds of brands have chosen it for their advertising. A recent study by Neustar, with clients in retail, found that their returns were higher than with other social media by twice the amount. Here are some reasons why Pinterest might be a good fit for your business: 

What Pinterest is About 

People go to Pinterest to search for clothing to wear or decide what they might make for dinner or how to decorate the living room. That beautiful print might be the ideal touch in their dining room; they can see it in its lively color while in their home. Advertising on Pinterest appears right alongside pins, so the interface is seamless, and the appearance of advertising is welcomed rather than tolerated. 

Pinterest is the destination for those seeking the following: 

  • Beauty products and trends 
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Lifestyle products 
  • Home decor 
  • Other categories

 Holidays and life moments draw people to the site, whether it is someone getting married, buying a home, bringing their kid to preschool or having a baby. Planning is facilitated by seeking ideas from the site. Shopping and planning are the reasons that people turn to this site for solutions. It can be used to build awareness of a brand with promoted pins. Compared to other advertising channels, the conversion rate for pins that are promoted can be as high as 40 percent. 

 Your Digital Marketing Strategy 

Pinterest connects advertisers with consumers. Over time it promises to expand and grow as users and advertisers increase. Its inventory is constantly growing, bringing in more consumers as they seek a range of ideas and products. Pinterest has over 150 million active accounts. Its users have given it over 10,000 pins. 

To be a part of this search, your business must have designed a product page with photos: Within the Pinterest platform, you will find a visual search tool. It permits the mobile phone user to find products to match their pictures taken on their phone. A photo then appears on Pinterest that matches to their photo and allows the user to click on the link.  

 The Average Pinterest User 

Your ads are most likely to reach adult women who make up the affluent audience of Pinterest. They typically earn more than $75,000 a year, with some users earning more than $125,000. Recently, Pinterest has been trying to diversify and attract male audiences as well. 

 Where Does Pinterest Work Best? 

The platform performs best for companies involved in e-commerce. Adding impressive images boosts your conversion rate. Both businesses and users pin their favorites and share new product ideas. 

 According to Pinterest, their users spend 50 percent more. This is compared to buying items through other social media channels. Conversions were better on Pinterest than when a shopper used a search engine to find a product. The main reason the shoppers visit Pinterest, studies indicate, is to find products to actually purchase. 

Because promoted pins appear right next to other pins, users who find the image appealing will click on it. Often new customers are made through the interaction with a pin they clicked on. With the focus on e-commerce, the promoted pins can be quality images that link to a product page. You can have an endless amount of boards and pins which all link back to your products. 

 The Difference Between Regular Pins and Promoted Pins 

Regular pins might or might not have a price and will have an image. These are free organic content. On the other hand, a promoted pin will include the brand and a link to a sales page. Promoted pins are promoted, meaning a set amount of budget is given in order to increase reach and impressions.  

 Pinterest was originally thought of as a replacement for a corkboard, where the person pins on images that appeal to them, allowing users to save a variety of images across the web. Today, active users may spend 34 minutes on the site, which is more than time spent on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The site is regarded as a top shopping platform by the millennial; others use the site as a vehicle for planning what they intend to buy. 

 Final Thoughts 

Pinterest is now the third most popular social media platform among adults in the United States and if your products and services fit the Pinterest user base, we highly recommend you set up a Pinterest business account. Once complete, you’ll be able to set campaign objectives for your campaign, create promoted pins, and develop a detailed Pinterest strategy.

If you’re curious about Pinterest advertising and want to learn more, our DirectiveGroup social media team is more than ready to assist you!


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