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What is Message Match and Why Does It Matter?

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Digital Marketing

What is message match?

When most people speak of message match, they are referring to the copy on an ad matching closely or exactly to that of the landing page.

The main idea is that your landing page delivers on the promise of the ad. The big idea should be reinforced almost immediately and the visitor should know they are in the right place.

Why is this important?

In one word, conversions.

If you want to waste money on your advertising, overlook message match. Visitors will land on your content confused and leave the website before learning about any of your products or services.

Message match is one of the most important elements in online advertising. And online marketers talk about all of the time.

However, an idea that I hear less about is message to market match.

This is a similar idea, but much more important and all-encompassing of your overall success. Message to market match means you’ve done the research, understand what problem(s) you can solve and have crafted a compelling message specifically designed to attract that market.

This is a lot harder than just using the same words from your ad, on a landing page. But if conversion is what you are after then focus on these 3 things to improve your marketing success (online or traditional).

The Market

So who exactly are you talking to? Is it furniture retailers or furniture manufacturers? Is it small business owners or CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies?

  1. You have to get clear on the market, because each segment will have different problems. And maybe even more important will use different words and jargon to talk about those problems.
  2. You have to choose the RIGHT problem. This a problem that would keep her up at night, that she’d gladly pay to resolve.

The Message

The message must be compelling, and the only way to have a magnetic message is to use the exact words the market uses to describe the problem and to choose the RIGHT problem – yes I am trying to reinforce this point.

Don’t get cute, just find out how your market speaks, feels and thinks about these issues and use those same words.

The Medium

Okay, you know the market, you know the message but how are you going to deliver it. Will it be on Facebook? LinkedIn? An email newsletter?

And when is the right time, when will they be most receptive to this message?

These are all things you have to think through when considering how you are going to deliver the message to the market.

Message Match Won’t Matter

Message Match is important for any paid advertising, but if you want a successful campaign or business for that matter, make sure your message matches the market, because message match won’t matter if you get message to market match wrong.


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