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Welcome to the DirectiveGroup Blog!

by | Apr 8, 2010 | Digital Marketing

Welcome to DirectiveGroup’s Grow Your Online Presence Blog, which will be focused on helping you to grow a powerful online presence for your business.  Each month, DirectiveGroup team members or our guest bloggers will post articles that (hopefully) will provide a shred of insight on topics of interest and/or point you to authoritative sites for more information.  Our topics will span from converting customers that come to you from online marketing, to methods for developing powerful visual impact, to social media methods and community building.  And everything in between.

The core of our focus, however, will always be on how to grow a powerful online presence.  At a foundational level, there are three factors of utmost importance:

1) A comprehensive website that supports the buying process for purchasers of all of your offerings.  Notice that we did not say ‘the selling process.’  While they are obviously parallel processes – one from your client’s point of view (the buying process) and one from your point of view (the selling process), the most powerful websites are built around a focus on the customer.  This means that the strongest websites will come from documenting all the steps of the buying process of your service or product (from you OR from one of your competitors), and then a methodical approach to making sure that each step is informationally supported.  As an example, the steps a prospective customer might take include becoming aware of your offerings, conducting feature comparisons, checking references, making a purchase.  This process will be different for each type of business, and it might be slightly different for each of your target segments. The point is, though, your website must support each of the buying process steps, whatever they are.

2) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the major national and (potentially local or vertical) search engines that enables you to choose to whom your advertising will show, that presents a message you want to share, and that delivers visitors to the destination of your choosing.  SEM marketing is immediate, and you can expect results to begin within days from starting your program.  Search engine marketing is sometimes called Pay-Per-Click, Sponsored Search or Paid Search.  Google says that up to thousands can be earned for each dollar spent in search.  They have access to lots more information than do we, but we know it is true that our clients report a high ROI as compared to most (if not all) other forms of advertising.  What we like most about SEM is that it is very controllable – everything from where and when your ads show, to how much is spent each and every day. And since we are a Google-certified company with experience that spans over a decade, your results tend to out-perform the market average, making you very, very happy.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that builds a strong organic presence for a handful of your most important and highly trafficked keywords. Since the search engines determine your placement for keyword searches, we attend to both ‘On-Page’ factors (how your website is designed and the content) and ‘Off-Page’ factors that increase your ‘popularity’ for the best placement on search results pages.  SEO is a longer process than SEM, and Google suggests expecting a year for full optimization.  Note that many Social Media Marketing (SMM) opportunities serve as SEO techniques, including use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as on-site and off-site blog posting.  The DirectiveGroup approach is to begin developing the SEO strategy about four months after we start your SEM program, so we can learn about what keywords work, how visitors behave once on your site, where your visitors come from, and more.  All of this information helps us to develop very strong programs that deliver the results you need from your SEO program.

Over time, we will elaborate and extend on these areas of focus to achieve our goal of helping you build the strongest online presence possible for your business.  We look forward to the shared journey.



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