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Using Social Media Buttons On Your Website

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

If your business has a social media profile, it may be time to grow your fan base. Having social media buttons on your website is an easy way to increase your followers. Although the number of followers you have doesn’t always equal traffic to your website, it does mean that you have a larger audience which is a good thing. Once you have followers, in order to move beyond simply posting and hoping that people will click through to your website, you need to engage with your audience.

Why Should I Add Social Media Buttons?

As a business owner, you know not every person that visits your website is going to immediately become a customer. In fact, most visitors will not. So how do you make sure they’ll come back when they’re ready for your product or service? By keeping in contact with them.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by encouraging your visitors to follow your social media channels using social media buttons. It doesn’t matter which social network they choose. What matters is that once they decide to follow you, then there is the potential they’ll see your business every time they visit their social media accounts.

Having more followers on your social channels can strengthen your brand and a strong brand with loyal followers is good for business. Being involved more in social media allows you to hear what your customers are saying. You can learn what they like and don’t like. This information can give you a way to respond and develop an action plan for your business. With all the value gained by being more active with your followers, you should take your efforts a step further and develop a consistent and quality social media plan.

Why Do I Need A Social Media Plan?

Building your social media channels is a gradual effort, not something that can be completed once and then forgotten. When you’re starting from scratch, it will take some time to gain a following and get some results. This is where your social media plan starts to work for you. Here are other reasons your business needs a social media plan:

To stay up-to-date on current trends. Social media platforms come and go, and you need to know if you’ve fallen behind. There are new platforms introduced every year, and within each one there are updates and changes from month to month. You and your business need to be on top of the latest social media advances.

Your customers are there. One thing that every business owner knows is that you should be where your customers are. Your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare without you. You should join them and engage in conversation with them.

Your competitors are there. Many businesses have come to see the importance of marketing on social media, and are out there talking to your customers. By becoming active in social media, and engaging with your audience, you will keep control of your market.

What If I Can’t Keep Up?

Sometimes it just isn’t possible for you to keep up with your social media plan. If you don’t have the time to check your social media channels, get someone else to do this for you. Appoint a person on your team, or hire a social media services team to stay on top of the conversations. Just don’t neglect it because social media is only becoming more popular. Be sure you don’t fall behind and get a social media plan in place.


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