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Top 10 Facebook Ads Tools You Should Start Using…Today!

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Digital Marketing

If Facebook isn’t currently a traffic source for your website, perhaps it should be. Considered one of the most successful social media advertising platforms, studies show that nearly 96% social media marketers worldwide believe Facebook advertising produces the best ROI. With a daily average of 2.27 billion active users on Facebook, it’s an advertising platform you can’t afford to pass up.

While this sounds good, Facebook’s advertising system is complex. The idea is to rapidly target the right audience for your business, using your time and budget wisely to realize the full potential of Facebook advertising. Fortunately, there are some really great tools available to help you avoid the learning curve of Facebook ads and establish campaigns quickly. We’ve listed our favorite:

Manage Your Ads Effectively

  1. Facebook Ads Manager

A comprehensive tool for creating ads along with scheduling and placing them, Facebook Ads Manager not only helps you quickly get Facebook ads up and running, but it also provides metrics on the performance of your ad campaigns. Ads Manager also offers a mobile app convenient for making changes to your campaigns on the go from wherever you are.

Better than a third-party tool, Ads Manager is provided by Facebook, is free and offers the convenience of one central location for everything you need for Facebook ads. It makes teamwork and collaborations easy, offers an easy-to-understand interface for requesting custom business reports, and includes a wealth of great features to help you reach your marketing goals.

  1. Qwaya

A close second to Facebook Ads Manager, Qwaya is a third-party tool that also allows you to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns. It offers a wide selection of great features like the ability to direct your Facebook ads’ rotation.

Qwaya’s best features set it apart from its peers. The audience A/B testing feature allows you to test campaigns and quickly learn what works best in boosting your conversion rate. Its ad scheduler lets you schedule campaigns for peak times. Qwaya also offers a free training session for those who want to learn more.

Get to Know Your Audience

  1. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights provides you with a wealth of data on your target audience that can be used to target your Facebook ads with great specificity. Armed with such data, you can save money by targeting those most likely to buy your products or services.

The data here can also help you tailor your content so you can hit the right note with your Facebook advertising at the right time to connect with your target audience. The comprehensive demographics provided with Facebook Audience Insights will not only help you craft ad campaigns, but also build relationships with your customers.

Do Your Research and Spy on Competitors

  1. Facebook Page: Info and Ads Tab

Facebook’s Info and Ads tab helps you locate competitor ads so you can see how your peers are marketing to their audiences and get inspiration from top brands in your field. This Facebook page feature is turned on for each page and easy to find.

The Info and Ads tab can be incredibly useful as it allows you to study competitor ad content thoroughly. It can be immensely useful to learn what works for your peers in the way of discounts, offers, tone, imagery, headlines, and more. In studying what your peers do, you may identify ways to tailor your own ad campaigns to make them more appealing.

  1. Buzzsumo

Since it analyzes high-performing social media content, Buzzsumo is used by some pretty big companies like Yahoo, Expedia, News Corp and more. It provides great data that can be useful in wielding popular relevant keywords and working with top influencers.

Buzzsumo offers a search utility that reveals high-performing keywords that can be used for ad campaign optimization. It can also help identify content that your target audience favors. Armed with that knowledge, you can adjust your own ad campaigns to great advantage.

How are your ads performing?

  1. Google and Facebook Analytics

Analytics provides in-depth data about the visitors to your Facebook and website.

Facebook Analytics allows you to understand your customers’ journey across channels. Do visitors to your pixel connect and Facebook page overlap in any way? It also provides data on visitors to your website as they flow over from Facebook.

Google Analytics should be part of every marketer’s master plan. Google Analytics is the metrics tool that lets you monitor your website’s traffic, analyze where your traffic is coming from and see how visitors are interacting with your site.

Just like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics is free to use which allows you to gain unparalleled levels of insight into your customers – including your customers’ journey across channels – which ultimately will help you to refine your targeting and deliver more effective ads.

Both analytics tools can craft detailed, custom reports to track the success of your Facebook advertising and your progress in meeting your conversion rate goals.

  1. Ad Expresso Compass

Ad Expresso Compass is a marketing tool that anyone using Facebook advertising should seriously consider. Using powerful analytics, this tool saves you hours of time as it compiles straightforward, comprehensive reports on the performance of your Facebook ads.

One of its best features, Ad Expresso Compass provides the data you need to know about what’s working in your ad campaigns and what isn’t. Determining your return on investment (ROI) is simple with the key metrics this tool delivers. Fully explaining what you’re getting for your marketing dollars, it gives you the data you need to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum effect.

Create a Landing Page that Converts

  1. Unbounce

The name here says it all. Unbounce is all about giving you the information you need to entice visitors to stay on your site. With Unbounce, you can publish landing pages and test and edit them with great ease. If you’re not a designer, it includes a library of templates designed for different genres and industries to help you get up and running.

Unbounce makes it easy to include calls to action (CTAs) that appear when someone visits your page. These overlay CTAs aren’t static but mutable depending on the audience type. Unbounce collaborates nicely with Google Analytics, Hubspot, and WordPress.

  1. Hotjar

If you’re looking for something a little different that includes funnel tracking, heat maps, polls or surveys, Hotjar might be what you’ve been looking for. Before this tool came along, the information it offers had to be gathered from different sources. Now everything is in one convenient suite for great ease of use.

Hotjar is easy to set up, offers a free version so you can take it for a test drive, and offers opinion polls that are hard to beat. If you should need help, their customer support is easy to reach and quick to answer.

Start a Conversation

  1. ManyChat

ManyChat helps entice your audience into subscribing to the Facebook Messenger service and includes analytics you’d expect from email service providers (ESPs). With a click-through rate as high as 56% and an open rate of up to 88%, ManyChat is a tool worth exploring to help with your Facebook ads.

It allows you to easily set up a customized bot to communicate with your audience as an actual person would. It also has a live chat features to establish a line of communication between you and your customers.


Facebook has millions of visitors each day. With Facebook advertising, you have a way to tap into that audience and direct targeted traffic to your own business website in the hopes that some of those visitors will become paying customers.

As you enter the realm of Facebook ads, you’ll quickly learn how to create campaigns and with the right tools, how to make adjustments to you increase your traffic flow and build your audience.

As with any type of advertising, the risk of losing time and money because you are unfamiliar with the nuances is present. However, in using the tools mentioned above, you’ll not only learn about crafting successful Facebook ads quickly, but you’ll also learn to harness the power of Facebook advertising to build your online business and boost your conversion rate.


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