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‘Tis the Season: Thematic Content Generation

by | Nov 18, 2010 | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Seated in a not-so-well-known Florida community, Advantage Pet Center decided it was time to start competing with other pet boarding and grooming companies in nearby, better known communities. They came to DirectiveGroup with one request: help us compete in these markets.

As part of a comprehensive SEO strategy, we launched a blog for Advantage Pet Center and started developing content that would specifically appeal to their audience and help with bringing their Search Engine Rankings (SERPs) higher.

Blogging for SEO

Blogging helps with Search Engine Optimization in two ways:

  1. It creates fresh content to serve the Search Engines, which they love, and
  2. It creates additional links, when done properly, back to the site, increasing the authority of the site itself.

Writing For More Than Links

Search Engines really dislike content that is generated specifically for manipulating SERPs. Rather, they are most interested in delivering quality, relevant results to the user of the Search Engine. As such, when developing a blog as part of an SEO strategy, you must write with the intent of your content appealing to your target audience.

Advantage Pet Center has done just that, and with a unique twist. While some blogs attempt to stay general in their topic, Advantage Pet Center has taken the road of being very specific. Looking at the obstacles or pains a pet owner faces, both generally and at specific times of the year, we have helped them develop content designed to appeal to the target audience now…not in three or four months.

Here’s a sampling of topics recently discussed at the Advantage Pet Center blog:

  • Controlling pet dander in the winter months
  • Protecting your furniture from your cats claws
  • Developing an exercise routine for colder months
  • [Upcoming] Help Your Pets Survive Holiday Visitors

Moving Content With Gusto !

Aside from mere content development, thematic content is more powerfully leveraged when distributed to other content sites. Doing so increases the number of links coming back to your site, and increases the audience who will read and respond to the content.


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