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There’s A Blog And There’s A Website…And Now There’s A Blogsite!

by | Jun 29, 2011 | Digital Marketing, Website Management

DirectiveGroup is working on a project that we are really excited about. We aren’t quite ready to announce it yet, but we wanted to go ahead and introduce a new concept – the blogsite.

Definition: Blogsite

The term “blog” is a short version of “weblog” which is an ongoing, frequently updated chronicle of information and links. Blogs were meant to allow for quick and easy publication of information. This is different than the traditional website. Updating a website requires technical skills which meant that the process to publish information was slower. However, the power and abilities of a website allowed for robust, interactive delivery of information. A blogsite is a combination of the blog and website where the delivery of information was fast and easy while still maintaining the power of a website.

Our Mission

We were approached by a company that wanted to create a community of like-minded people that facilitated the sharing of information. Since this was meant to be a community, they needed to be able to easily update and share information and allow for other members of the community to share as well. They also wanted to be able to deliver functionality that, due to its complexity, was traditionally delivered through a website. All of this community involvement was a key part of this company’s marketing program so in the end, this project was meant to increase brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

DirectiveGroup Takes The Challenge

The DirectiveGroup team carefully reviewed this goal and developed a list of requirements. Then it came time to determine what functionality would be used to build this community. What resulted is the birth of the blogsite.

Do You Need A Blogsite?

With today’s emphasis on businesses incorporating social media into marketing you should, if you aren’t already, be developing your social media strategy. At the heart of social media marketing is the concept of community. You can develop community using traditional social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Or, you could choose to build your own channel as was the case of this company. It is too early to determine whether the community will show the results that are projected, but early indications are that it will exceed expectations!


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