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The Millennial Generation: What You Need To Know

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Digital Marketing

By now, you’ve been introduced to your biggest customer, Millennials and connected the dots on How To Win Millennials Over.

Today, we’ll focus on peeling another layer in the Millennials’ mind, to include their way of life. As a B2B company, not only must you understand who Millennials are as well as learn what their purchase behavior is all about, but what will make or break your campaign and ad messaging is the connection you make with this generation directly; by speaking their language and behavior with your product/service.

What Matters Most

Millennials value their time, just like any generation but they measure success by their social network stance, work/life balance and fitness. Fitness trends are changing and it’s partly due to this generation’s take on what health means. Understand that for Millennials, good health isn’t a simple gym workout routine, this generation prefers outdoor excursions, hiking, mountain climbing, extreme fitness regimens, all in the name of health.

Millennials consume media at a staggering rate. The internet is a close second (behind TV) to the way in which Millennials like to consume their news. Millennials prefer engaging online because of the immediacy. Popular social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, allow this generation to not only interact and socialize with their network but to consume the latest trending topics/news and what’s popular. No longer do you have to wait for a commercial or news segment before learning what is happening right now around you, and that is a very attractive offer that online social network players make, and it’s especially why Millennials find it hard to refuse.

The B2B Brand Connection

The Millennial generation often seeks fulfillment outside of work, because to them, their life and happiness stands well above money. Millennials value experience and moments to fill their fulfillment bank and that means that flashing money, cars and fancy gadgets won’t necessarily win the majority of this generation over. Find ways to intertwine your product with their everyday living in a way that doesn’t make this generation feel like you’re just another accessory.

Millennials embrace and are known for brand advocating online with brands, 66% of them to be fair. This means, your best move in increasing your consumer base to establish an advocacy or fan-base online with this generation who is eager to be introduced to what you have to offer is to speak to them, in a way that means something more than just another ad.

Planning For The Future

The continued rise in entrepreneurship isn’t just a coincidence. It’s led by growing millennials looking for ways to fulfill their life, on their terms. This is important to understand as your ad messaging and communication to this generation could be extremely successful knowing how to market with this in mind. Although, many reports state how many millennials still live at home with their parents, it doesn’t mean their lack of home-ownership equals less independence.

Millennials are seeing first hand what financial planning for the future really means. Baby boomers have less in savings for retirement than previous generations, and this certainly rings a bell to Millennials. They are choosing to make decisions based not only on their desired quality of life but their financial future.

How They See Themselves

Millennials are very socially conscious, and see personal shopping as an opportunity to give back. Which means who they give their time and money to is carefully considered. Be sure your company stands for something, and the more socially conscious you can be in your message to this audience, the greater result in your bottom line figures.

Millennials place great value in user generated influence. This means that the social influence of their network greatly determines their shopping decisions. Here are 5 other things you need to know about millennials before you begin to market to them:

Millennials are dominating. This generation is equipped with technology, spending power, and major social influence. It’s time you began to plan and execute a plan towards marketing to this ever growing generation before your brand is left in the dust.

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