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The Down-Low On Generating Leads For Your Business With Google Adwords

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Paid Digital Advertising

There are over one billion websites vying for user attention and the process of getting found online has become a much more complex process than just launching a website and hoping for people to find it. Even in this crowded space, your website can attract qualified leads that turn into customers. Provided B2B companies use pay-per-click advertising tools such as Google AdWords to get their site to land on the first page of Google and appear where prospective leads are hanging out online.

Google AdWords encompasses both search engine ranking results and paid advertising, so campaigns can effectively target the very people that are using search terms specific to your business. No wonder then that the most used pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program available today is Google’s AdWords, with nearly 80% of all companies focusing on Google AdWords for PPC. Roughly about 70% of Google’s revenue is generated from AdWords, which reveals its effectiveness really. And paid advertising has been found to be nearly twice as effective as social media outreach for lead generation.

Adwords B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Once you know your customer types and business objectives then you can select the suitable AdWords campaign .

To create a winning B2B AdWords campaign you have to be fully aware of the customer’s journey within the buying cycle. There are two main types of leads that you can target using a B2B Adwords campaign.

The first are people who are looking to make a purchase right away. By bidding on keywords with high commercial intent you can attract such qualified leads who are further down in the buying cycle. You can generate cash out ready leads through the Google search network.

The second are people who are not fully committed to buying yet but may buy from you in the future. AdWords also allows you to attract people who are fresh in the awareness stage so that you can nurture them and gradually push them into buying. You can generate leads towards the top of the funnel through the Google display network or by remarketing to people that have visited your blog. Having a well-optimised lead nurturing system can easily convert these leads into sales.

Google Search Network Campaign

Majority of searchers do not look beyond the first page of Google, so you do need your site to be featured in the first page and if you cannot do it organically, then pay-per-click is the next best option. Google Search Network Campaigns help you appear in the Google SERP results and Google’s Search Partners sites to reach the targeted people who are actively looking for your product or services.

Advertisers can bid on certain keywords with a high level of commercial intent to appear at the top of the SERPs when such queries are performed. Once you have chosen your keywords and grouped them effectively, you can write highly specific adverts (one per ad group) that direct users to the most relevant landing page on your website. So if you were selling dedicated hosting plans then you could display adverts for users searching for “buy dedicated hosting”, “best dedicated hosting plans.” The focus of the campaign is on encouraging people to take an appropriate action by clicking on ads, call extensions and app extensions so that you get the maximum number of sales enquires.

And the best part is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and lands on your website. The amount you pay per click however depends on the competition for bidding on the same word or search term.

Display Network

Google’s Display Network Campaign allows you to place image ads or text ads on websites throughout the internet. Display ads offer the most cost-effective ways to increase your brand awareness by showcasing your ad to larger audiences, according to their interest, demographic, locations and in-market buyers. Those people may just be surfing the internet without necessarily searching for your product particularly.

With display advertising, you can choose the websites your ads appear on and whether you pay per click, impression or acquisition (conversion). Your display ads can be displayed on most of Google’s networks sites, mobile apps and also third party sites related to your keywords or content. Although display advertising has a lower conversion rate than search advertising, when both are used in combination, they produce maximum results.

The two major types of display ad campaigns are-

1. Remarketing Campaign-

Remarketing ads give you a second chance to reengage with prospects who have already visited your website or app but didn’t buy yet or enquire about the product or service.

You can show laser targeted text ads or images ads in its third party network sites and Mobile apps. These ads that “follow” you are highly effective for staying front of mind with potential leads as they serve as reminders of products or services that you may be interested in. Moreover click-thru-rates and conversions with remarketing campaigns are often higher. In fact remarketing has a 25% lower cost per conversion than standard display network campaigns.

2. Mobile App Engagement Campaign-

Mobile app engagement ads focus on people who have downloaded your app and are engaged with your mobile app content. Seasoned advertisers can effectively promote a branded campaign and get people to try your app again or prompt users of your app to take some specific action. Currently engagement campaigns are only available in Android Apps.

For The Win

The beauty of Google AdWords is that you get ready access to detailed information that you can use to tweak and target each pay-per-click campaign to improve your lead generation potential. If you haven’t tried Google AdWords yet, now may be a great time to start. Get highly targeted leads to your website, and more importantly, you only pay per click. To know more about how your business can generate qualified B2B leads using Adwords, get in touch with DirectiveGroup.


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