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New Ways to Use Content Marketing

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Digital Marketing

B2B Content Marketing continues to change as business marketing gets more complex. Everyone has heard of the classic search engine optimization where businesses fight for ranking for a few specific key words. But, this system doesn’t work in all industries. In some industries, the product is so new that people are not aware of key words that apply to the product. Customers for certain industries rarely rely on social media or twitter. Buying often happens on an offline network. And categories for these products may not exist on general search boards such as Medium or Amazon. So, with all these difficulties, is it possible to make content marketing effective for these types of situations? The answer is yes, but content marketing campaigns need to be flipped on their head.

Brand Your Own Key Words

One way to address a niche market is to create your own keyword branding. Choose a new key word or phrase that fits your business and go crazy with new content. Write hundreds of articles if you need to. Write about your competitors process and why yours is better. Your audience will learn the new search term by researching the old one. Don’t be afraid to coin your own phrase. These articles are designed to inspire and build credibility in the new business methodology. These articles may not be found through traditional searching. Target company newsletters, company slack channels, and direct email. This targeted marketing strategy will place your business as the founder for this inspired new way of approaching business.

Target Specific Accounts

Another marketing strategy is to use targeted case studies to close larger accounts. This account uses account-based content creating which is a set of articles specifically tailored to the needs of the large white whale account you are targeting. These focused articles are delivered to a few specific people who are key decision makers in the targeted organization. Pull all the knowledge you have about the targeted organization in to a case study. What are the greatest challenges? Demonstrate proof of how your organization can solve these challenges. You can reach your targeted audience via cold email, Linked in sponsored emails, and direct mail.

Partner with Industry Publications

Another approach is to partner with an industry publication. Many industries have old fashioned websites that are straight transfers of physical magazines. Placing an article in one of these online publications instantly builds credibility for your business. And in addition to credibility, your article will be distributed to large numbers of key professionals in your industry. In addition to articles, this venue often shares content via webinars, case studies, or free tool distribution. All of these help build a name for your business. This type of distribution venue might also include longstanding personal blogs by known industry experts in your area.

Target Related Key Words

Targeting related key words is also an option. In your industry, it is possible there are related key words that don’t relate directly to your business, but that are searched often. If you are for example, selling moisture resistant flooring, that is a small component of the general key word flooring. Learn which key words in your general business are targeted the most. Try to pick key words that are used often, but have less competition. Use these larger more generalized topics to raise awareness for the specific problem that your business solves. Use your key word branding in these articles and you will help educate the population on your niche.

Use Question and Answer Sites

Many sites offer FAQ or other questions and answers related to your business model. You can search question and answer site such as Quora, Reddit, and Stack Exchange for questions specific to your business. As an expert in your field, you can answer these questions. If you can create content to answer hundreds of these kinds of questions, you will reach a wide target audience. Answering questions will demonstrate credibility and expertise, build brand recognition, and encourage clients to visit your website by placing it in the author bio and answer links.

There are many ways to tackle a problem, and in the world of B2B content marketing, you are limited only by creativity. Don’t let the traditional key word market stifle your ability to gather customers. These are just a few of the ways that complex, niche businesses can use internet content creation to market their organization or product. These creative forms of content marketing generate leads, demonstrate your credibility, create brand awareness, and target key industry leaders. The sky is the limit!


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