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Market, Market, Market!

by | Apr 16, 2010 | Digital Marketing

Are you trying to figure out how to get more customers for your business? You keep spending money and trying different things but nothing seems to work. The answer…keep persistently trying to contact people online, offline, above the line, below the line…did you know that you have to reach 3-4 times more people and leave an impression 7-9 times before you establish a relationship and close! Now that is a lot of people and a lot of impressions. You might ask yourself, how am I ever going to do that? You need to reach out to thousands of people just to get to your top 100 prospects that you communicate with in conversation. The answer is the INTERNET!! Businesses will not thrive, let alone survive without using the internet for marketing. It is the most essential channel of media distribution today, mission critical. Talk about affordable, there is so much you can do for low or no cost…email for starters.

Every business must have a website, or at least a landing page to act as the destination to capture lead information. Now that we have that established, the next step is getting traffic to your website. Fact or fiction…”build it and they will come”…complete fiction. I have spoken to hundreds of business owners that thought all they needed was a website to get leads. They were disappointed after they had spent thousands of dollars developing a website only to find out it was not optimized for search, or had no way to capture leads or didn’t service their business! It will cost money, but the website can be fixed and now they need to also spend more time and money to drive traffic to their site. Driving traffic is the key and then capturing the leads in a database is the future goldmine!

So how do you drive traffic to your website? Market, market, market! I was recently one of the Team Leaders for Loral Langemeier’s Cash Machine Workshop in Chicago. For 3 days we talked about the importance of always be marketing…she says “entrepreneurs don’t have business lives and personal lives, you only have one life” and you need to constantly connect and ask how you can help people satisfy their needs! There are hundreds of ways to market, so write down a plan and make sure your campaign supports your goals. First step, be sure your website URL is everywhere…on your business cards, letterhead, email signature, brochures and all media both off line and online. Just to start, create your campaign and send it on email, advertise online pay for click, print flyers to hand out at networking events, update profiles on the social networks, post to blogs, and on and on! Don’t forget the reason you are marketing…collect all those leads, put them in your database then keep marketing to them, sell them something and market some more! Happy Day


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