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Just because you built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come.

by | Apr 23, 2010 | Digital Marketing

Simply building a website will not assure you success online. Your site must be accessible to your ideal market. Online, this includes both people and machines. It’s the search algorithms that manage traffic, and the individuals that respond to your offerings. The unfortunate truth is that many companies which design their own website tend to create sites that are inaccessible to their online community, either by neglecting search tactics, or by writing without consideration for their true target audience. Without copywriting that integrates internet marketing strategies and targeted language and tone, your site will not generate quality leads for your business.


In order for your website to bring you quality leads, build customer loyalty, and help your business succeed, you must first be found. Being found by the right clients involves pleasing both them, and the search engines. This means designing the site right from the start thinking of the ways people will look for your business online. Nearly 90% of people begin looking for new products online. This means the search engines must identify sites which are likely to contain the content they searched for out of more than 150 million sites. The beauty of the internet is that you can generate high quality leads because people are choosing to look at your site. From the hundreds of results provided to your users, how will they choose you?


Think of the internet as one huge community. Like any community, there are overlapping governing bodies managing interactions and traffic, there are neighborhoods or cliques, and there are individuals living their individual lives. Online, search engines, social media sites and the like, gather and direct network traffic to get people where they need to go. Neighborhoods are groups of users that know each other, either in the real world, like business associates, or through online connections. Many of these are self-formed groups, or peer-to-peer, and are indeed one of the greatest powers of the democratizing internet. Individual users are constantly looking through, linking to and from, and editing content online. All these groups filter the content on the internet to form constantly changing but interconnected web communities. The more times the groups connect to you and you to them, the closer you are drawn to the center of the community that contains your perfect customers.

Writing For Accessibility & Community

True optimization of a website is a journey, not a destination. The internet is constantly changing because it is almost entirely user generated. Search algorithms are based on complicated predictions of user thoughts and intensions (think about how many time Google has corrected your spelling!) There are nearly 85,000 new websites are added everyday with the links formed in the billions. What this means is that your website is not permanent, and it is not finished… ever. When planning your website, you must consider a great many factors including current search trends and possible future trends, the expandability of the structure and design, the knowledge level of your audience, key words and phrases, proving your authority, and much more. Content writing must follow the structure and goals of your website. In order to be accessible, you must include words, phrases, links, data and content that allow search engines to identify you and what you’re all about. On top of this, you must always be engaging and convincing your community that you’re the real deal. Whew! It’s a lot to remember.


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