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How to Target Audience with B2B Facebook Ads?

by | Nov 12, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

While search is always considered as a great way for reaching as many visitors as possible, Facebook is also an effective way for attracting the audience who are interested in buying the products and/or services you’re offerings, however, they may not be aware that you exist there.

Facebook ads are generally used for B2C purposes, but you can run B2B ad campaigns to achieve the growth of your business, as those ad campaigns have also started performing well on this social networking website. Running an ad campaign on Facebook is an excellent way for bringing your brand in front of your target audience, helping you to expand your business visibility and increase the ROI.

Wondering how to generate quality leads with B2B Facebook ads? Look at the below given points:


Despite the business you’re mainly involved into, lookalike target audience is likely to perform better and exceptionally well than other audiences. They take a contact email list you upload on Facebook and find people based on the list that are much similar to the people already listed in the list.

Facebook helps business organizations and other brands to create a list of new people who lookalike their existing customers, quality leads, website visitors and social media followers.

Work Demographics

With an aim of building the brand recognition of your B2B business, there are few methods that can help you reach a wider audience in your industry niche, by targeting them through work demographics.

Many Facebook users have a habit of accessing the internet and browsing the Facebook profile during their office hours and at the time of their lunch breaks, so you can use this opportunity to stand out in the crowd while they have several things going in mind.

Increase your business awareness and spread a few words about it by targeting these audiences:

  1. Job Title

Appeal a large group of people who may be interested in doing business with your brand based on their job title and target especially those people who are the decisions makers of a specific company, such as the CEOs, MDs, and Senior Managers etc.

Create a Facebook ad campaign that put focus on various problems these people may face in their daily lives and how can your business give a definitive solution.

  1. Employers

Target people who are working as a part of the company and may be interested in your products and/or services.

  1. Industries

Find industries that are relevant to your business niche and target people who may convert into loyal and reliable customers.

  1. Office Type

If your business belongs to small-scale organizations, target people who work in small sectors of your office type.

  1. Competitor’s Followers

Do your own research and prepare a list of competitors having a huge fan following. After then, target those followers and encourage them to visit your website once.


Targeting relevant users based on their behavior is another effective way to reach a wider audience through Facebook. Facebook, being the most popular social networking platform, use datalogix to categorize audience as per their online and offline behaviors, which can be further used to target the relevant audience, as an advertiser.

For fulfilling the purpose of the B2B business, focus on the below-given categories as these will help you target people relevant to your business and advertising goals:

  1. B2B

Target people who are into the same business profile as you are.

  1. Business Purchase

Target people who have shown interest in dealing with the businesses like you.

  1. Job Role

Target people based on their job role and encourage them to buy from you.


Remarketing help businesses to target those people who haven’t convinced or converted into quality leads through Facebook ad campaigns.

For instance, if a visitor has shown interest in your business but hasn’t made any purchase or a Facebook fan following all your posts but has not converted into a quality lead, you can re-target those people by enticing them into a new offer or creating a new ad especially focusing on their problems.

Although Facebook has proven itself for building the brand awareness of B2C businesses. There are several ways for B2B businesses to reach the audience and increase the database of happy clients, by driving quality traffic and generating business leads.

If you’re new to Facebook ads and haven’t used them ever before, try your luck once and leverage the benefits of opportunities. The end results may surprise you. In case you need any help with Facebook ads, contact our team of internet marketing experts at Global Directive. We are one of the leading firms, helping businesses to explore the market all over the world.


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