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How To Incorporate SMS/MMS Into Your Business Strategy?

by | Nov 20, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Website Management | 0 comments

What is SMS/MMS?

In the mobile marketing industry, SMS/MMS are one of the powerful yet underutilized tools businesses use to connect with their customers.

For those of you who don’t know what SMS and MMS stand for:

  • SMS stands for Short Message Service which includes text messages with a size limit of 160 characters.
  • MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, which is commonly referred to as a picture message. Unlike SMS, there is no data limit to this type of message.

In a study done by SharePoint about Conversational Advertising, they discovered that 90% of all text messages sent are read within the first 3 minutes of being delivered. Having a direct form of marketing/advertising to a customer that almost guarantees immediate attention is unheard of. Businesses no longer have to fight for billboard, TV or website ad space because they can already have your attention on the screen that is on you at almost every moment of the day.

What are the basics?

Short Code and Long Code SMS

The two types of code for SMS include: Short Code and Long Code.

Short Code refers to a 5 or 6 digit number that a message is sent from/to. A business can use this for verification or an automated SMS campaign. Short Code is meant for mass messaging from either end, customer to business or business to customer.

Long Code refers to a 10-digit number that a message is sent from/to. Long Code is typically used for holding conversations or sending out alerts. Long Code is used for individual style marketing/advertising, which basically functions as two individuals messaging each other.

Connecting with your customer

There are basic procedures that must happen in order for your business to connect with people via SMS/MMS. 2 popular ways for businesses to gain permission to message their customer include: asking for permission to send messages when they register as a user or having “click-to-text” option that allows any user to register their phone number to receive marketing/advertisements directly to their phone.

How can you use it?

Lead Generation

According to SimiliarWeb’s State of Mobile Web US 2015, 56% of consumer traffic to the US leading websites is from mobile devices. Because so many of your customers are already on their mobile device, adding a “click-to-text” option allows you to move your leads quicker through the conversion funnel by automatically sending them a text message. This allows your leads to receive an SMS every time there is something relevant to tell them based on the content acquired by them.

Sales Tool While you use the SMS/MMS tool for lead generation, you can also use it along any stage of the conversion funnel, essentially giving you direct communication with your lead at every moment, pre or post purchase.

Using SMS/MMS as a sales tool could include, but not limited to, sending messages pertaining to:

  • Discounts/Coupons
  • Special sales
  • Open Cart (didn’t check out)
  • Restock of specific merchandise

Customer Service

One thing that can be very upsetting and a difficult process for customers to go through is customer service inquiries. Most customer service support is done over the phone that leaves many customers on hold and upset. By incorporating SMS/MMS for your business, instead of requiring your customer to pause their life to inquire for your help, they can now go about their business and come back to their phone once a reply from your business has been sent.


Your business has a unique opportunity through SMS/MMS to connect with your customers. You can be certain that your campaign will succeed in engaging with your intended audience.


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