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How Social Media Is Beneficial For Non-Profitable Businesses?

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Digital Marketing

Do you think maintaining a presence on social media is completely a waste of time because you are running a non-profitable business? If yes, then you need to give it a second thought. Whether you’re into a profitable or non-profitable business, social media has something to offer for everyone. It suits all kinds of business models and gives them an opportunity to take the maximum benefits of it. So, why there is a misconception that social media is not made for non-profitable businesses?

All problem lies in figuring out the differences between these two models, however, in reality, both the models should follow the same approach when it comes to promoting their business on social media networking sites. Below are the 5 major reasons explaining why it is worth for non-profitable businesses to invest time & efforts in social media platform.

Social Media is Growing Three Times Faster than Email Marketing.

When it’s about marketing the non-profitable businesses, people usually think about websites and email marketing – which are still considered as the most effective marketing tools in the nonprofit world. But social media is an ever-increasing trend. It is growing three times faster than the rate of email marketing.

“If email size increased by 11%, then the fan following on Facebook and Twitter increased by 42% and 37% respectively”, as per the past survey conducted by Social Media Benchmark in 2015. When comparing the benefits of social media promotion for non-profitable businesses with email marketing methods, it’s hard to argue with the figures given above.

Social Media Gives You a Platform of Your Choice.

Do you like Facebook? If yes, then use it to promote your business on this platform.

Is there anything you hate about Instagram? If yes, then it is highly advised not to use it. The best thing about choosing social media platform for marketing your business is getting an opportunity to decide a platform of your choice, and then use it to shape your organization. There are several networking platforms to choose from, so be sure to choose the one that will benefit your business in the years of come. When you choose a platform to focus on, the quality of the content automatically gets better than if you choose all the platforms for non-profitable business marketing. So, it is better to choose a platform that not only works best for you, but for your business and target audience too.

Social Media Raises the Brand Awareness.

Social media, being an effective tool, is an ideal place to get a word of mouth referrals for your non-profitable business organization. It allows people to talk about you and your business, and make it recognizable in other’s eyes.

Let’s say, your business organizes a number of public events. If you have maintained a social media presence of your business, you’ll be able to promote it in a number of ways, such as:

• Creating an event pages,
• Sharing the photographs and other information,
• Integrating the live streaming video and much more.

This way, your followers will get to know about the events you’re hosting and share it with others (if they find it relevant and interesting), giving your business a wide exposure and a chance to build the awareness all over the world.

Social Media Helps You Collect the Content From Your Audience.

Non-profitable businesses often have a story to tell the audience, and social media serves as a great place for such kinds of businesses to share the story through the mode of content. Not only it helps an owner to speak from his perspective, but also allows audience to create stories about your organizations and share it to the whole world.
Thus, it is important for you to encourage your audience to share anything about your business that has impact their lives anyway by creating an attractive campaign. Ask them to link the web address of your organization’s page when they’re about to share it or add a hashtag that represents your business. Remember, their experiences can be shared in the form of text, pictures and videos.

Social Media Helps You Easily Collect the Donation.

All non-profitable organizations need some donation, and social media is a great way to collect it from your audience. With the evolution of new technologies and its increasing popularity, there are several ways to remind your audience about it. From simple buttons to complicated applications, social media has made it easier for these organizations to collect the donation from required people.

All-in-all, social media can change the way people look at it when it comes to promoting non-profitable businesses. Though both the profitable and non-profitable businesses are different, they can use it to reap its benefits, no matter what they’d been previously involved into.

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