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How Leadership Varies from Management

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Digital Marketing

From time to time, DirectiveGroup team members will share their views on a provocative or otherwise thoughtful piece found as they research. Here, Michelle comments on an article posted by Richard Branson, Founder at Virgin Group–What Does It Take to Be the Boss? Managers vs. Leaders

Have you ever wondered if you are a leader?  Or if you have what it takes to be one?   Often we use the term leader to describe someone in an authoritative position.  Someone at the top of the ranks.  But a true leader isn’t defined by position, rank, or role.  A true leader is defined by their actions and characteristics.   A good leader is someone who when they leave success doesn’t go with them.  They leave behind an organization that is equally as successful without them as it was with them.  Someone who isn’t afraid to do what must be done for the sake of success and forward progress.

In this post by Richard Branson, “What Does It Take to Be the Boss? Managers vs. Leaders”, Branson talks about the qualities of a manager and leader and what sets the two apart.  I love that he thinks the role of a leader is to change the lives of others for the better.  This is in alignment with what Jim Collins calls a Level 5 Leader in his book Good to Great.  Leaders put others, including the best interest of the company, ahead of themselves.

As generations go by and our world evolves good leaders will change with it.  Rupert Murdoch was an extremely successful businessman and leader in the 70’s and 80’s.   How he lead his companies 40 years ago is surly different from how Mark Zuckerberg leads his company in the 2000’s.  Motivations, values, and business relations has changed with the times and so too must leaders if they are going to inspire greatness.


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