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From Ad To Conversion – Gaining Transparency On Visitor Behavior

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Digital Marketing

The digital real estate, your web site needs constant fine tuning so that it can attract substantial business from online consumers. While getting new traffic to your site through online advertising is not that difficult, it is what visitors do once they’re on your site that is of utmost importance. If you are not clued in on what is happening on your site, then it is impossible to get better results online.

Have you heard of the old saying “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” It still holds true today. Business owners and marketers have been trying to track and understand what users are up to on their websites since websites first came about. Being able to understand statistical metrics such as unique visitors on your site, how long they are on your site for to what pages they are landing on and leaving from, etc. is great but being able to look over the shoulders of your website visitors as they browse to know exactly which links they clicked on, where they spend the longest time and what content is being consumed the most, can provide even deeper insights about them.

Web Analytics And Conversion Tracking

From using simple counters to count visitor numbers to keeping track of key data through sophisticated site analytics software like Google Analytics, Webtrends, Woopra, etc. marketing analytics and strategy has evolved greatly. But web analytics is almost like installing closed-circuit TV cameras in a retail store to see where visitors entered the store, and the path they took through it. But you still need additional information on why the visitors came and what they were thinking. Web analytics can track when and where the visitors left the store but it won’t give any clue on why and what to do about it.

Businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their existing audience by careful analysis of visitor behavior on the site as they go from being a prospect to a customer. Analyzing visitor behavior and sophisticated forecasting can help businesses better meet the needs of clients by tailoring the content, tools and your follow up to what they find to be most valuable. This can be the impetus needed for the prospect to become a purchasing customer.

Since, past user behavior is the best indicator of future behavior and the visitor’s conversion potential, it is important to keep track of it. Placing tracking tags on important pages of your site and implementing pixels across all pages of your site can help you collect information about the visitors and their behavior on a site. For instance, when a visitor reaches the “Thank You” page after purchasing a product on Facebook, the tag will be executed to send Facebook information about your purchase, revenue spent, the advertisement you came to the site from and more.

From the first ad impression through to the conversion, tracking user behavior enables you to understand what visitors are doing in order to pinpoint the exact problem areas that need fixing. It helps uncover opportunities for media optimization and improved efficiency. Through customer tracking, predictive behavioral targeting and data analysis, marketers can now better understand their prospects and customers without even a word being spoken. There is no need to guess user behavior anymore or make false assumptions, you can even get screen video playbacks and overlays of your visitors’ sessions to see what takes place on your website when users navigate around your site. You can identify which links and buttons users click on, how long they hover over a particular area, how deep they go into your site and more!

Intelligent Web Site To Understand Visitor Behavior

Add on an extra layer of intelligence from machine learning algorithms and you can analyze hundreds of data points (location, demographics, device, interaction with the website, etc.) about users and different behavioral indicators including clicks, taps, scroll, dwell time and time on page, AI can piece together miniscule information to form a pattern in order to reveal valuable insights about your website visitor’s behavior. The intelligence you collect can help you determine who your prospects are, where to focus your attention and what changes will be the most successful. For example, you can get real-time and personalized content recommendations. While it has become easier to measure a prospect’s journey in the era of big data, you still have to make sure that the data is clean and actionable.

If you’d like DirectiveGroup to work on your website and help you to make sense of your data and suggest strategies to capitalize on it, then get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your requirements.


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