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Did You Get This Email Too?

by | Aug 30, 2013 | Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

Not enough site traffic. Could be due to Google update?

You receive an email with the above subject line or something similar and then panic.  Is it true?  What should you do?

Let’s look at the facts and details.  First of all it is spam and the sender knows nothing about your website, SEO, SEM or SMM efforts or success.  They are simply sending out a mass mailing with the hope of creating doubt in the minds of legitimate businesses who already work with reputable digital marketing partners.  The email is not addressed specifically to you by name.  There is a general greeting such as “Hi” or something similar.  Companies who operate this way are generally not legitimate.  Why do I suggest that?

One of the statements claim you are not getting enough website traffic.  Of course we’d all like more traffic, however be keenly aware that there is no tool available to an outsider to know how your website is performing.  Only you as the owner or your internet marketing partner would know the details of your website activity.

Another claim is that your website is not ranking in the top 20 for your popular keywords.  Without knowing the details of your website performance it is another empty shot in the dark.  It did make you worry though, didn’t it?

Yet one more assertion is that you don’t have the necessary content or social media to the degree you should and therefore have a bleak chance of being seen.  While those are important issues, it is an empty and unsubstantiated claim since the sender doesn’t know your results.  Only you do.

Be informed so that you don’t fall prey to quick and loose operators.  The last Google update was not just rolled out.  It was May 22, 2013 and was named Penquin 2.0.  Your website may not have been affected by it.

My suggestion is to work with digital marketing companies such as DirectiveGroup that have a reputation for delivering results and a track record of ethical performance.  If you aren’t sure ask for references.  Do your homework and partner for success.

Successful digital marketing!


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