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Create Landing Pages That Get Your Visitors At Hello

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing

If you are looking to build your business and are struggling to get people to visit your site, then clearly no one’s buying into your story. What you need is to identify the conversion technique that will have potential customers running to your site to give you their email addresses! A well-crafted landing page can do the trick. And the best part is that it doesn’t take long to create and promote.

A landing page is technically a web page that is served up as a destination for visitors that arrive on your site from an ad. It isn’t just a gateway; it also provides information about a particular offer or resource that’s relevant to your target audience. A landing page is focused on the offer, whether it is promoting a webinar, or a free trial, and it encourages people to take action and submit their information in a form (eg. name and email address) in exchange for the offer. Once the visitor provides such information, then only will the landing page have done its work and provided a concrete lead for you to follow up for conversion.

Types Of Landing Pages That Leads To Conversions

Take a look at 3 of the common types of landing pages that can lead to an increase in conversions.

1. The Opt-in Bribe Landing Page

The landing page that is most often used online offers some benefit (eBook, Product Discount, Step-by-Step Guide) in exchange for an opt-in (newsletter). Think of it like a click-to-subscribe. Make it an offer that your target audience simply just can’t ignore. A good bribe is something of value, a resource or explanation that helps potential customers be better.

The opt-in bribe page contains the headline, the product image, body copy with a run-down of benefits, and a form. Adding testimonials from reputable industry leaders, displaying logos and badges or including a section about your company vision can help improve this type of landing page. Even better if you can replace the product image with a video or add a two-step download button that takes the visitor to the form instead of the opt-in form.

2. The Video Landing Page

Placing videos on a landing page increases the time visitors spend on your page. This type of landing page often uses videos to display product features, feature customer testimonials or even to show off visual case-studies. Only when the viewer finishes watching the video or a fixed percentage of it does the landing page redirect them to a download or sales page. Viewers who have consumed this much content are more likely to be engaged and therefore convert better. A video is easier, faster, and proven to be more effective in connecting with audiences than text or even images (more than 79% consumers prefer video to learn about a product). The video landing page should have no distracting elements and contains only the video and the form or landing page. This type of landing page can be further improved by testing the use of content triggers, pop-up forms, buttons or redirects to different landing page.

3. The Product Landing Page

The product landing page is an extremely flexible and effective way to warm up potential customers to products you are trying to sell. Most pages will have strong copy above the fold along with a hero image. Readers then get to know the features of the products, what it does and how it works. There will definitely be information about pricing and how to buy and some social proof in the form of testimonials, user reviews, etc., all of which leads to higher conversions. Product landing pages work exceptionally well because it emphasizes your product’s value proposition.

Build A Powerful Landing Page To Nail Conversions

Landing pages can help you get better conversions from your pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social ads, or other campaigns. But for landing pages to nail conversions and be highly effective you also have to remember the following pointers-

Deliver Promised Offer

To maximize your conversion rate, keep the form simple and quick to fill. Don’t ask for too much information except for a few key contact details to follow up with your lead. Once the visitor hits “submit” and provides you with their information, then your site needs to direct them to a “thank you” page with the offer waiting for them. If you fall through on your promised offer, you are likely to lose that potential customer for life. It doesn’t do well for your business/brand image either.

Provide Credibility Indicators

Establish “street cred” as people trust word-of-mouth marketing more. Studies have shown that social proof increases trust and gives a huge boost to conversions. People find a human face publicizing your value more credible than traditional “marketing copy.” So use feedback and quotes to your advantage, if you have permission from those folks and include their titles or company names too. Moreover, Google algorithm gives preference to a highly shared page. So ensure that you put your social share buttons on the top of your page and also include them on your landing page. For instance, mention the number of customers you have or the number of attendees who recommended your event to others.

Test for Success

Are your landing pages not getting you any leads? Are you receiving confirmation emails for events? Are your trigger emails working right? Use your test leads to ensure that you are on the right path. The only way to continually improve landing pages is by setting up all the right tracking tools in the back-end to test and measure. Whatever is your preferred method of testing results (analytics, heatmaps, etc.), follow closely to find out how prospects are interacting with the page or site. You can even learn a lot from prospects who do not convert. You can decide what is most valuable and effective based on the overall experience of your prospects.

Getting your landing pages right is an iterative process. You try and see how things work before making necessary adjustments so that it works even better than before. Keep making slight and gradual changes to your headline, message, layout, and copy to see an improvement in conversions.

Small Changes, Big Result

Create amazing landing pages to work in conjunction with your email campaigns and paid ads for higher user engagement and better conversions. As with any online marketing campaign, A/B test your landing pages, to tweak and optimize them in order to get lots more leads and sales.


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