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Changes In Google Algorithms Are Not Just For SEO Anymore

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Digital Marketing

If you thought keeping up with the changes in Google’s SEO algorithms (aka: Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird), hold on to your seat. Google recently announced a new change to the Adwords Ranking algorithm.

After years of using a complex ad rank algorithm that had been simplified to Quality Score X Maximum CPC bid (QS x CPC bid), Google updated the ad rank algorithm to take into account some of the new features they have rolled out this year, primarily their new ad extensions.Ad extensions and formats will now impact the positioning of your ads on the Google search results page. For example: If two otherwise identical ads were to appear with the same bid and quality score, the ad with the ad extensions most likely to perform would receive the higher ad position.

Ad Rank will also play a factor in whether or not extensions appear for your ads; Google notes that a higher Quality Score or bid (or a combination thereof) increases the likelihood of extensions appearing.

As a reward, ads with extensions may see a lower cost per click and higher click-through rate, while those ads without the benefit of their favorable projections could see an increase in their CPCs.

Below are the ad extension options advertisers can incorporate into their Adwords program.

Ad Extensions – Locations

Location extensions (also referred to as address extensions) should be included with all campaigns. This is true even for online businesses. Although they may not show within the ad itself due to distance between the search query and the address, having Location Extensions will help to increase ad placement score.

Ad Extensions – Products

Product extensions consist of importing data feeds into the Adwords account. When the information in the data feed for any given product matches the search query, an image of the product will show alongside the ad. The visual of the image along with the text ad will help to increase user engagement.

Ad Extensions – Social

Social extensions link your Google+ Page to your AdWords campaigns, so that all your +1s – from your page, your website, ads and search – get tallied together. This means more recommendations for your ads, helping inform users about your content. On average, search ads with annotations have a 5-10% uplift in click through rate and the AdWords Social Extension helps you show more of them. Customers will be able to see the recommendations your business has received, whether they’re looking at an ad, a search result or your Google+ Page. This means your +1’s will reach users across all of our products.

Ad Extensions – Review

Richer information about your business can help potential distributors and customers understand why your product s are right for them. Today, it is more important than ever to show positive reviews, awards, or accolades in your ads. With review extensions you can show accolades from reputable third parties right in your search ads.

Ad extension are only one of the dozens of strategies that can be implemented immediately to help you improve your Adwords performance. If you need help ensuring you are getting the most value for every dollar you spend, contact DirectiveGroup[ and we will be happy to review your campaigns and see if there are any opportunities you have to increase your profit margin.


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