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[Blog Abstract] One Marketer’s Take on Facebook’s Clear History

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Paid Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing

From time to time, team members will share their views stimulated by content from an industry thought leader. Here, our Paid Advertising Strategist, Alexandra Sciocchetti, discusses the recent Martech Advisor article, “Ready to Be Forgotten: How Marketers Must Prepare for Facebook’s “Clear History” by Kazu Takiguchi, Founder and CEO.

We recently published a blog detailing the Facebook’s new Clear History feature (read it here). 

Opinions on Facebook’s new Clear History feature (which by the way has not yet been released to US Facebook users) range anywhere from “Facebook advertising will never be the same” to “no one is going to use the tool, so what’s the bother?”. This article is more of the former. And the author has a point because the clear history tool will undoubtably make it harder for Facebook marketers to market to target audiences. We’re used to using the Facebook pixel to collect data on user’s browsing histories and should users elect to “clear” history, that is about to change. The only question is by how much. How many people will actually use the tool? We don’t know yet.

Marketers are opportunists, and the best way to confront this situation is to adapt and find a way to use it to our advantage. Digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry, so here’s what we can do:

  • Improve creative testing. Advertisers may have fewer opportunities to get in front of the right audiences. Quality creatives and copy will help make the most of every occasion.
  • Focus more on non-targeting reliant marketing efforts. Facebook is a great tool for increasing brand awareness and finding new audiences. Encourage people to watch your videos and click to your website. You may find yourself spending less budget on retargeting and more on just reaching new people. That is ok. Other platforms can be used to fill your retargeting audiences.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Facebook advertising should always be a part of your marketing mix, but use this opportunity to explore targeting options through Google, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Remember that in most cases, ads will be better received by users. The users that elect to use the “clear history” tool were probably less likely to click on your ad in the first place. Congratulations, you now have an audience of people who are choosing to be targeted. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?


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