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7 Reasons Why Twitter Deserves A Marketer’s Attention

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an essential part of digital marketing. When marketing your brand using Twitter, you will witness numerous benefits since you can easily reach out to millions of prospective clients globally. If you are not utilizing social media marketing, you are missing out on effective marketing opportunities.

Below are seven reasons why every marketer should pay attention to Twitter:

1. Cost-effective

Like other social platforms, Twitter is free to sign up and gives you the option to start small using ads. When you start using the ads, ensure you monitor your progress, and determine whether you attain the desired results. 

The cost-effectiveness factor ensures a brand gets a greater ROI (Return on Investment). You can also utilize other marketing techniques since your budget will be flexible. By investing enough time and money, you will increase conversion rates while getting value for your money. 

2. Improving Brand Loyalty

In any business, customer loyalty matters. Companies should focus on engaging the clients and developing a strong bond with them. Social media allows you to introduce your products and services while initiating promotional campaigns. Clients will view the platforms as a service channel where they can communicate with a brand directly.

3. Marketplace Awareness

Businesses should focus on learning about the wants and needs of their clients through marketplace awareness. When formulating your brand’s social media strategy, you should consider the advantages of market awareness. Be sure to keep track of the activities on your social media profile. Use this information to learn more about the opinions and interests of your prospective clients. 

Social media is a complementary research tool. It gives you an in-depth understanding of your industry. After amassing a large following, you can use different tools to learn more about your consumers.

4. Increased Traffic

When you share valuable content on the platform, you will give your followers a reason to visit your website; this increases traffic to your website and boosts your inbound traffic. When you’re keen on quality, you improve your conversion rates.

5. Improved Brand Awareness

It is a profitable and stress-free digital marketing platform that can increase your brand’s visibility. It also creates a great platform where you can network with other brands. Your marketing team should spend a few hours per week, building your brand’s visibility. By applying the right social media marketing strategies, you’ll improve your brand’s recognition within no time.

6. Engaging the Clients

The platform is suitable for interacting and engaging with clients. When you communicate with your audience regularly, you will improve your conversion rates. Make sure there is two-way communication with the target audience. Make sure you know their wishes and interests; they should also be fulfilled. Furthermore, engagement and communication with the clients are one way of winning their attention while also conveying the brand message. As a result, the brand will reach out to a broader audience.

7. Better Client Satisfaction

It plays a crucial role in communication and networking platforms. By using it, you can create a voice for your brand and improve your brand image. The customers will be happy to post comments on your business social media page while receiving modified replies rather than a message sent by a bot. When a brand values its clients, it will take time to compose personal messages, which will improve the client’s perception.

Additional reasons why marketers should focus on social media marketing include:

More Brand Authority

Client satisfaction and brand loyalty will ensure your business has become more powerful. However, the primary focus should be on communication. When a client sees a corporation posting on social media, they will positively view your business. Businesses should also reply to the queries posed by each client. Also, the content posted should be original. 

By interacting with the clients regularly, it means the business cares about its customers. After getting a few satisfied clients, they can help with advertising as long as they are vocal. They should talk about the pleasant experience they had when purchasing different products from your business. 

Better SEO Rankings

Social media presence has become an essential factor when it comes to determining the rankings. To make sure your business ranks well, you should adhere to the varying SEO requirements. Although optimizing your website helps, your blog should be updated regularly. You can also opt for Twitter ads. When a business shares its content on social media, it will be sending out a brand signal, and your brand constancy, integrity, and validity will improve.

Social Media ads Allow Re-targeting and Targeting

Different social media platforms usually offer targeted ads that can be customized depending on your clients’ needs. For instance, Twitter ads can target clients through factors such as location, age, industry, user behavior, and education level. Some ad management tools can offer some insight into the ad campaigns. By connecting the ads to a CRM (customer relationship management) tool, you can see the ads turning prospective clients into buyers.


Startup companies and established brands can gain significantly from social media marketing. The main focus should be on using the right social media strategy to improve brand loyalty. A good strategy will also ensure there is better SEO and increased traffic. The clients will also be satisfied with the products and services offered by the company. Although social media marketing is competitive, the competition should not derail your business. When you start marketing your brand on social media early, your business will grow progressively. 


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