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4 Tips To Optimize Videos For YouTube Search

by | Jan 7, 2018 | Digital Marketing

Creating and marketing videos for your brand or business is a great way of getting noticed today in both YouTube and Google search. YouTube makes the ideal host for all your companies’ video content as it ensures your product, service or mission gets watched and shared by more visitors. YouTube is presently the second largest search engine processing more than 3 billion searches monthly. With 800 million unique users monthly on the YouTube site and over 900 million hours of video watched each month, it is a huge traffic source. YouTube is a Google produce (Alphabet Inc.) so YouTube videos are integrated into Google search results. The reach of YouTube videos keep increasing, despite competition from Facebook Live or Instagram Stories.

Why Is Optimization Of Your Video Important?

With thousands of video creators competing for views and watch time, it is highly important that videos are not only beautifully made, but are also easy to find so that they do not fall into the dark abyss of the web. Google, which is the largest search engine in the world, incorporates video results in universal search results, so you will definitely want to optimize your video to take advantage of all the extra attention it can bring. Video SEO can bring you to the front page of search engines and direct web traffic to your site. Simply put, video optimization is just the way of letting search engines know what your video is really about and labeling it correctly so that it gets indexed and ranks on search results pages for relevant keyword searches, which makes it easily discoverable by more people.

To get the best results in terms of traffic and higher search rank from YouTube video marketing campaigns, you need to master some video optimizing tips.

  1. Use Compelling Title For Your Video

Put a little thought into crafting an engaging video title as it is a huge ranking factor for videos. The titles define the content of the video whenever a search is made. So it is important to be concise but descriptive and include major key phrases people are likely to use when searching for your video. You can use YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool to get an idea of how much monthly traffic a particular key phrase receives. But make sure your use of keywords and key phrases are as natural as possible. Ultimately your title should be interesting and clickable.

  1. Write Detailed Description For Each Video

A detailed video description is absolutely critical in letting the YouTube algorithm and the viewer know what the video is going to provide in terms of content. The longer and more detailed your video description is, with relevant and contextual keywords, the better chance of the algorithm bringing your video to the top of the results page. Instead of focusing on a single long-tail keyword, you are better off trying to rank for a number of loosely-related searches, containing all or some of the keyword phrase you’re targeting.

Since the couple of sentences appear, when your video appears in search results, highlight the most important information at the top. Use video descriptions to spread awareness about your website, blog, and other social media information.

  1. Use Descriptive Playlists

You can organize the videos on your YouTube channel into groupings based on a theme of your choice using playlists. Organizing your video collections on YouTube gives greater visibility to your channel’s content and gets more views for your content. Keyword focused playlist title and description helps YouTube’s search algorithm and users understand the subject matter and content of the videos on the playlist better. For instance, Target divided their channel videos into distinct playlists, one for web series and the other for television commercials and used keywords like great commercials, exclusive online content and Target to describe their playlist.

Playlists also rank in Google and YouTube’s search results, which helps gets more views for your content. Videos in similar themed playlist are likely to drive traffic between one another as a user is more likely to watch a video of the same subject matter if they have just watched a video on that topic. Playlists provides a more immersive channel experience, which increases engagement and video length, which are vital KPIs for improving your ROI.

  1. Brand Your Page Consistently

There should be consistent branding across all marketing channels for your company, including your YouTube channel. There are many features available to customize the background, create a custom header and promote your other social network channels for free on your YouTube channel, which helps establish your brand presence.

Include a custom high quality background to highlight your brand and mark your YouTube channel as the official one. You can even customize the banner and layout of your YouTube channel, albeit at a cost to provide a consistent experience for all your viewers and subscribers. You can display links to your other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blogs, website and other online properties on your YouTube channel. You can use the space at the top right of the dashboard to link to your social media outlets, blog, website, etc. to encourage more viewers to connect with your brand. Add your most viral, successful or most videos and playlists to the about section of your YouTube channel to see better SEO results.

YouTube also take in account these factors when ranking videos:

  • Watch time of your video
  • The number of subscribers for your YouTube channel
  • Engagement metrics such as comments, likes and dislikes
  • Video length

So the quality of your video content better be good to keep your viewers engaged for longer, which will boost your SEO and help you grow your YouTube presence.

YouTube videos can get your business the attention it deserves! DirectiveGroup can help your business create professional video content and also take the necessary steps to make them visible to thousands of viewers.


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