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2023 Marketing Trend: Tap into the Power of Virtual Events

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Business Strategy & Process, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

2023 Marketing Trend: B2B businesses require special planning to integrate marketing and commercial strategies.

This is why highly effective tactics that raise brand awareness and allow deals to be closed more efficiently are key to standing out in highly competitive and specialized markets.

According to a study carried out by Mordor Intelligence, the virtual events market is expected to grow by 19.6% between 2022 and 2027 despite the fact that COVID-19 was the main factor of an initial growth of 1,000% of the virtual events at the beginning of 2020 (Forbes, 2020).

The change in the dynamics of companies has evolved at a digital level, modifying the way of doing business and reaching potential customers, through highly informative content and allowing a more accurate approach to the market.

But why join the virtual events trend in 2023?

Virtual events allow direct contact with the audience in a flexible way, through various tools for webinars through integrated chats, conversation wheels, and various technological solutions for these objectives. But the benefits are not reduced only to the convenience that they offer.

Since in addition to allowing the awareness of your business to be brought to an international scale in a digital environment without borders, it has shown that 36% of marketers consider that these types of events lead to ROI growth (ON24, 2022).

Developing high-quality content for the industry through webinars, workshops, and interactive sessions will allow the building of stronger relationships with current and potential customers.

Through these events, it is possible to show the expertise and knowledge of the company, giving reasons for a high value to purchase your products and services.

Currently, it is possible to carry out these types of meetings through different platforms, even if you are an entrepreneur and your budget is limited – you can do it through different social networks such as YouTube or Facebook, but if you want more functionalities, there are solutions on the market such as ON24,

TheVirtualShow, and ClickMeeting, among others.

If your business wants to have a better position in the consumer’s mind and reach new prospects, virtual events will help you achieve your goal, since it allows you to obtain valuable analytics and gain insights into customer behavior and new potential leads while providing personalized experiences and optimizing customer journey accelerating their process through the sales funnel.






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