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2013’s Biggest Investment In Marketing

by | Jan 17, 2013 | Business Strategy & Process, Digital Marketing

As a marketing professional I get the pleasure of seeing what a lot of businesses do to help promote their businesses. From saturation mailing, to radio spots, to websites, PPC and social media, I’ve seen it all. What surprises me most is how many businesses oversee their most important marketing asset.

Value Those Who Invest In Your Business

Your team, whether you have consultants, temps, contractors, or full-time employees give your business the one thing they can never get back: their time. Given that, they can be your most powerful asset as well as your most threatening detractor.

Here are some tips for how to get the most marketing benefit from your team.

1. Encourage Your Team To Talk

One of the biggest fears companies have is of their team talking about them online, especially on social media. While there is a bit of a risk if your employees aren’t satisfied with their job, there is also huge benefit when they are happy at work.

Encourage your team to talk about your business, in appropriate ways.

2. Give Your Team Ownership

I don’t mean to give your team literal ownership in your company. However, give your team some ownership is creating great engagement with your clients. When your team feels like they own a part of the success of your business, they will work harder to ensure your customers are satisfied.

One great way of offering ownership is enlisting the help of one or two of the team members you trust to form great messages for your company to publish content for your company. Allow them, with some guidance, to publish the content on your Facebook page or on your Twitter stream. Be sure to provide guidance and feedback to help them learn how best to present messages to avoid unintended meaning.

3. Listen Carefully

Let’s address the risk of encouraging your team to talk. By engaging social monitoring, you can keep an “ear to the ground” for what’s being said about your company in publicly channels. From Google Alerts to various social media monitoring tools, it’s easy to setup listening for your business. This is actually a great practice, even if your team isn’t talking about your business.

As you move through 2013, be sure to leverage the most important marketing asset you have. If you need help with the other aspects of marketing, contact DirectiveGroup for a free consultation for anything from website design and revitalization to fully integrated marketing programs and campaigns.


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