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Conversion Optimization Hacks for 2019

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Conversion Rate Optimization

A good digital strategy can’t succeed if it doesn’t convert. We’ve all heard about SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing … but are you paying attention to your company’s CRO – conversion rate optimization? CRO is all about how many people become customers after engaging with your content. CRO and SEO and other digital marketing tactics go hand-in-hand, but they all require distinct practices and techniques to work properly.

Every year has its own trends and best practices, and 2019 is no different when it comes to marketing. More than ever, businesses are all about brand and customer engagement. In fact, it has been said: “2019 is the year of customer engagement.” If your digital presence doesn’t connect with people, you’ll miss out on conversions no matter how flawless your marketing strategy otherwise is.

Looking good on paper doesn’t mean something will work out once it’s been executed, which is why continual testing, analysis, evaluation, and optimization is vital to successful digital marketing.

Are you ready to stop scratching your head at missed connections and convert more than ever in 2019? Read on to learn what the future holds for conversion rate optimization.

The FOMO Phenomenon

“Fear of missing out” inspires people to buy things without having to be told. The concept that something is limited and used exclusively by others inspires people to convert. Of course, you can’t just say something has a limited supply and expect people to rush to make a purchase. You have to demonstrate that without buying right now, they’ll be missing out on something big.

Social media is the best way to demonstrate your product’s value in a real setting. Through influencer marketing, testimonials and relevant, well-timed content, you can showcase your product’s value and bolster its image, leading to a greater desire among potential customers who don’t want to be the last ones empty-handed.

Video Will Be Bigger Than Ever

If you aren’t already incorporating videos into your social marketing strategy, 2019 is the year to start. One-third of all online activity is watching videos, and video ads can increase a product’s sales rate by a whopping 97%, by some accounts.

Combined with the fact that the average attention span is now just eight seconds, which means the fastest and most effective way to hook customers is through strong visual content.

Start developing your video content strategy now to boost your engagement, impressions and conversion rate in 2019.

Pay Attention to Your Website’s Stats

Web analytics will play a big role in all areas of optimization this year. You’ll want to place emphasis on exit rates and page averages in particular since these figures provide valuable insight into your site’s design interface. If people are only staying on a page for several seconds or high volumes of site visitors exit from the same point, it’s a key indicator something is off with your design.

UI and UX Will Reign Supreme

User interface and user experience design have become crucial to social marketing. These fields focus more on the “why” than “how and ensure your website is optimized to provide the most seamless and useful experience to its visitors.

Bringing on a UI or UX professional to your team can help transform the way people interact with your business. Remember, your website is the “face” of your company. It’s where both new and returning customers interact with your business and establish long-lasting impressions that either make or break a sale.

Your website’s user interface will need to be optimized in 2019 if you want to stay on top of the competition. Use your site experience to demonstrate value.

Stock Images Are Dead

Consumers have all seen the same Adobe and Shutterstock images over and over again, and they’re just not effective. If you want to stand out in 2019 and increase your conversion rate, focus on showcasing unique and original photography that illustrates your product’s benefits.

Strong, high-quality images make people see what they could have if they bought your product. A good photographer will be able to realistically depict your merchandise in a natural, relatable way that makes people instantly connect with it.

And if you are not quite there yet with regard to custom photography, at least pick images that are metaphorically associated or that are emotionally or intellectually evocative so your visitors’ interest is piqued.

Intimacy And engagement Are Vital

This year will be no different in growth from other companies, but past trends have demonstrated a shift from “big picture” marketing to smaller details. Intimacy and engagement are two vital components of an effective strategy. Your content’s relatability and impact will have the greatest impact on your conversion rates this year.

Paying close attention to user behavior will allow you to enhance your site design, improve your user experience and create a stronger impression that inspires people to convert.

In 2019, conversion rate optimization is less about how well you can pitch a product and more about how well you can actually demonstrate its value in an authentic manner.


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