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Why Visual Content is Important for Better User Engagement?

by | May 15, 2017 | Business Strategy & Process

Past studies have shown that it takes nearly 10 seconds for website visitors to decide whether they will stay on your website or not. So, what exactly it is that encourage users to stick to the website? Is it the well-written content that can be easily read within few seconds? Well, the answer is NO, only a creatively designed website with enticing features can leave an everlasting impression on visitor’s mind.

A picture speaks almost everything. And when it comes to running a business online, sharing a powerful picture is considered as one of the most efficient tools for every business. It helps businesses to build the brand reputation and gain credibility in no more time. That’s not all; there are several other important reasons for focusing more on visual content.

Let’s do have a look at all these:

Brain Captures Visually Attractive Content Faster than Any Other Type of Content

It has been noticed that a human brain captures the content written in the form of an image in just a few seconds; therefore, displaying a visually attractive image will definitely help you grab the user interests and customer’s engagement in no more time. It gives more benefits when we have to spread a message in the least given time.

There are few other important pointers that supports why visual content is much preferred in industry than other any type of content. Let’s know about it:

  • We have the ability to read 36,000 visual messages in 1 hour, which means that it takes a second to notice 10 visuals.
  • When it comes to memorizing, our brain can process visual text at a faster speed than any other form of text.
  • Over 90% information stored in our brain is in the form of visual content only.

One can have a rough idea from these figures that how important the visual content is for a human brain. As users are accessing much information nowadays, you have only a few seconds to hold them on your website, and the best way to do is to use visually attractive images in your content.

Visually Attractive Content Encourages Users to Perform Call-To-Action

As the above mentioned pointers are saying that the human brain captures visual information at a faster rate and keep it remembered for a long time. Therefore, the possibility of performing Call-To-Action from the user’s side also increases when you use visual content on your website.

There is no denying the fact that our brain quickly responds to those things that we are emotionally connected to. Therefore, one can react only when you present something in the form of an image that strikes directly to their brain. When you present anything in the form of text, it is first to get converted into a visual format, which then hits the human brain and hence, users take the long time to react. On the contrary, information shared in the form of visual content helps people to respond quicker.

Visually Attractive Content Has an Everlasting Effect

Everyone knows that we get easily attractive to visual content. It is easy to remember and has a long lasting impact. For instance, if you see a red balloon in the left hand of a girl wearing a yellow color top, you’ll find it easy to digest, as it can be memorized forever. Hence, it is proved that not only visual content leaves an everlasting impression on people’s mind, but if it is optimized properly, also helps you bring more traffic and increase the business sales.

Visual Content Condense the Maximum Information

Open any page on your system and try reading the information given in the text form; you’ll not be able to read more than 20% of that information or you can say, our brain doesn’t allow us to read that much text. However, if you get to see the same information in the form of 1-minute video, you’ll be able to read the complete information, right? That’s why; it is always advisable to condense the data in the form of visual content, as it allows users to read everything within a given time frame.

Visual Content Is Beneficial for Higher Social Media Engagement Rate

Visual content became even more beneficial with the evolution of social media websites. There is no denying the fact that visually attractive content helps to increase the engagement rate on social media platform a bit faster. Content shared in the form of images gets more views than content in the form of text, and visually shared content is likely to be shared more on social media networking websites, thus the chance of user engagement automatically increases. To create visual content and get the attention of your customers, and improve your campaign results don’t hesitate to talk to us at Local Directive.


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