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Why Every Business Should Incorporate Infographics into their Marketing Strategy

by | Jun 5, 2014 | Brand Management, Business Strategy & Process, Search Engine Optimization

Before we discuss the benefits of infographics, we must first look at what they are. An infographic is a set of ideas and data that is shared in visual form. These are usually very complex ideas that are too heavy for most individuals to understand. When you share them in a visualized form, they are more easily understood. People will pay more attention to them that way.

These come as a great tool for any kind of business. Using infographics can do wonders to increase your client base, as well as your traffic. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using a tool like this.

1) 90% of all the information a person receives is visual. That is why more businesses need to use this tool. If they did, more clients would pay attention to what they were saying. A client doesn’t want to read some boring memo about what the company is selling this week. The client wants to see a visual of the sales. They want to see the product. Most people can tell instantly, upon looking at the product, if they are going to buy it or not.

2) The brain processes the visual more readily then reading some sort of text. Think of how much money a company can save on their letterheads, if they just tied in some infographics more often. Most people only remember about 20% or less of what they read. Visuals tend to work the opposite direction. A person will remember the visuals, not reading a 20-page report on company policy. Take advantage of this.

3) Think of an ad campaign. Are you going to remember a campaign that spoke a lot of words? Or are you going to gravitate to the ad campaign with the pretty pictures on it. In order to succeed more, companies need more visuals and less text. Remember, most people process only about 1% of all information they are given. Make sure that 1% includes the visual.

4) With google searches, infographics have gotten almost a 90% jump on the competition. Those who use this tool in the publishing world, end up having s traffic flow of over 12%. Compare this to those who don’t use them, and you will see the difference.

There are so many reasons why companies need this tool as part of their marketing strategy. If you can capture your audience with a nice visual, you will always have them wanting more. That is the main objective when it comes to business and life, always have them wanting more. You are a brand, take ownership of that.

Looking to incorporate infographics into your marketing strategy?  Contact DirectiveGroup at 1-866-925-9524 to help you at any stage of your marketing – from conception to planning, through execution to evaluation.

 Source: Infographics prepared by Lee Glynn


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