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So Now You Want To Deliver Great Customer Experiences?   

by | Mar 17, 2019 | Business Strategy & Process, Reputation & Customer Loyalty

If you are a marketer, manager, or marketing executive, you are probably always looking for innovative methods to improve your customer experience marketing as the result of extremely satisfied consumers is usually a more profitable business. In order to make the customer experience central of your success, you will need to enhance customer service in a digital way, create many personalized interactions, and consistently reward your most loyal customers.

Enhance Customer Service With Social Media

At the core of any great customer experience is excellent customer service. A study reported that 47 percent of consumers would shop at a competitor if they experienced poor customer service. Due to the astonishing results of this study, it’s simply not in your business’ best interest to deliver poor customer service to your customers. The good news is that these detrimental habits can be easily corrected with the proper training and resources.

To offer your customers top-notch service, consider implementing strategies to improve all of the interactions throughout the buying process. While the phone is still the most valued method of contact among many customers, social media is also a great way to easily reach your consumers. Since most customers are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your team should always be available online to respond to consumer complaints and concerns in a timely manner. As you are improving your customer service initiatives in today’s digital age, always remember that 88 percent of consumers are less likely to buy from businesses that refuse to answer social media complaints.

Create Many Personalized Interactions 

If you would like to stand out from your competitors, you need to personalize the experience as much as possible to build trust among your customers.

According to much research, personalizing the experience with your customers can increase sales up to 20 percent. One of the best ways to make a customer feel special is to create many memorable interactions such as conducting good old-fashioned phone conversations and sending emails with personalized content instead of the same generic email.

In addition, creating memorable, human experiences can be accomplished by holding many in-person collaborations such as happy hours, meet-ups, and dinners with your customers. While you are getting to know your customers better in this manner, you will also receive important feedback about your product or service. The ultimate goal of these personalized experiences is to show customers that your brand truly cares.

Develop Desirable Loyalty Programs

Do you know the importance of implementing loyalty programs to create a great consumer experience? A recent report discovered that 73 percent of members who participate in loyalty programs are more likely to recommend brands that reward loyal customers. As you can see from this statistic, loyal customers are the most trusted advocates of your business’s mission and values.    

Since your loyal customers have a strong interest in your business, you should always treat them right. Instead of developing a loyalty program that only offers coupons and discounts, why not reward your most loyal fans with something of actual value?   

The best loyalty programs may include excellent rewards such as :  

  • VIP tickets to an exciting event
  • Complimentary gift basket of delicious candies
  • Cash-back on certain purchases
  • Special pricing on classes and trips
  • Exclusive invitations to fun activities

These rewards sound much more desirable than a cheesy promotional item!

Keep in mind that when creating your new loyalty program, always remember to feature rewards that are desirable to your consumers’ needs.

A Great Customer Experience Marketing Strategy Equals A More Profitable Bottom Line

Along with maintaining extremely happy customers, perhaps the most rewarding advantages of delivering a great consumer experience is a stronger bottom line. By simply reinventing your business approach to focus on memorable consumer experiences, you can gain customers for life, which ultimately translates to a more profitable company in the long run.


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