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How You Can Build Customer Loyalty

by | Aug 31, 2014 | Business Strategy & Process, Reputation & Customer Loyalty

Keeping your current customers happy is just as – if not more – important than acquiring new customers. Focusing on your current clients will definitely set your business apart in the long run. Building customer loyalty will keep your company thriving for years to come.

You may very good at drawing new customers in, but do you know how to keep them? Below are some tips on how to build customer loyalty.

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Follow up on a consistent basis

One of the best ways to retain customers and keep them happy is to follow up after the purchase is made. Meaningful follow up can be as simple as a “just checking in” email or a postcard sent in the mail a few days after the sale. And then stay in touch on a regular basis. Customers will feel more of a connection to both you and your company if you let them know you care about their satisfaction, which in turn could lead to them potentially purchasing more services from you in the future.

Make your company stand out from the crowd

How your company presents itself could be one of the reasons a potential customer would pick you over your competitor, even if your competitor has a better offer than you. Providing discounts and deals is a good idea, but you have to go the extra step to stand out. Focus on letting the customers get to know the employees; showcase your best products and personalities. If potential customers feel a connection to a company they are more likely to do repeat business with them.

Keep your customers happy

Customer service is one major thing that could come into play when building customer loyalty. Nothing can turn a customer into a potential ex-customer than a poor experience. One of the foundations of customer loyalty is consistent customer service. Indeed, recent studies show that customer service doesn’t have to be exceptional; it just has to be good enough. It’s your job to keep your customers, (both future and current) happy. Always handle customer services issues in a professional manner and address negative comments to the best of your ability, apologizing for any problems, even if they weren’t your fault. Why? Because happy customers stay with you, and unhappy customers talk about you. In fact, online negative reviews influence potential customers: 90% of consumers claimed that reading positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions and 86% said purchasing decisions were influenced by negative reviews.

Try showcasing your fans

Who doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame? To that point, who doesn’t love being recognized by their favorite brand? Try showcasing your fans on your social media channels. That will encourage them to promote your company on their own social media outlets, turning into a win-win for everyone and one great thing about utilizing social media is that you don’t have to spend a dime to get this type of marketing accomplished.

Get great employees

Everyone wants to work for company that cares about the satisfaction of both their future and current customers. The best companies are the ones that care about their customers and their loyalty, creating a special working relationship for future years.

Focusing on customer loyalty – in the end – is just good business. It creates goodwill with both existing and potential customers, as well as with employees. So step up your efforts to serve and retain your current customers, and everyone will be happier and much better off in the long run.


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