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Going The Step Beyond Delivery

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Brand Management, Business Strategy & Process, Leadership & Management

In business it’s not always the product or the marketing that initiates a purchasing action. Rather, in some cases, it’s the stories of exceptional customer service.

This morning I awoke to articles of one such story. I am sure you have seen them as well, of a Frontier Airlines pilot who turned a bad situation into something more tolerable for the people on his plane. If you have heard about it, you can read it here.

This is an inspiring story, and there are several things we can take away from this as lessons to apply to our own business.

Watch for the opportunity.

This pilot had his eyes open. He saw an opportunity where his customers were feeling frustrated. Granted, the situation was outside of his control, but he understood how anxious his passengers were getting. He seized an opportunity to respond.

In your business, do you throw your hands up when something happens outside of your control, or do you seize that opportunity to solidify why your clients do business with you?

Don’t be afraid to break “protocol”.

Protocols are in place for a reason, and therefore we should take breaking them seriously. For instance, once a plane has been loaded, it is considered secure, and any interaction with the plane prior to it pulling to the gate is something taken very seriously in the airline industry. However, this pilot knew there is some flexibility to that protocol, and a way to get past it if needed.

Are you crippled by the protocols of your business, or are they seen as the guidelines for an effective business, but flexible when necessary? Take your exceptions to protocol seriously, but don’t let them be a barrier to success.

Do what’s right, but not necessarily convenient.

How easy would it have been for the pilot and the cockpit crew to just stay behind that locked door and ignore the frustration brewing in the rest of the plane? Many pilots may have decided to do just that. This pilot, however, knew that for the sake of his clients and his staff, he needed to do something.

It may cost us something to do what’s right, and it may cost more than 50 pizzas. However, that cost, when stacked against the alternative, is oftentimes worth it. When you know something is right, do it, even if it’s not convenient or cheap.

I would like to see the ticket sales for Frontier Airline over the next couple of days, as this story begins going viral. My “gut” says they will drastically pickup as a result of this story. Your business can pick up too, when you go above and beyond to satisfy your clients, as positive reviews and referrals are always the best marketing available.


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