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Use Marketing AI to connect your channels, devices, platforms. No cookies, no ad fraud.

by | Jan 13, 2018 | Analytics & Data Management, Artificial Intellgence, Business Strategy & Process

If you are an executive at a company that is looking to significantly improve the performance of your marketing programs, things could radically change for the better in a relatively short amount of time through new technology-based marketing tools that make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). What’s more, our solution is cookie-free, it is not challenging to implement, it is not expensive, and it doesn’t take a long time to begin seeing results. Say what?

The basics: AI, or machine learning, uses powerful technology to sift through mountains of data to find patterns (learn) that are associated with specific outcomes, which – for many companies – are greater conversions. As a result of this learning, marketers and strategists can pare down and focus their efforts to deliver precise and specific digital content – at the right time in the right place in the sales process – that will lead to a higher percentage of success in their efforts. This opportunity ushers in the era of predictive marketing. And it is just in time since there is an ever increasing amount of digital content created by many companies who are spending truckloads of dollars for digital assets that may or may not provide any return on the investment of time or money.

Quick check: do any of these problems plague your marketing efforts:

  • Is your visibility into data about visitors who visit your web properties blocked or obscured?
  • Are you unable to connect visitor data when people change devices or platforms, such as from mobile to desktop?
  • Are you missing a lot of data due to cookies being blocked?
  • Are you buried in a ton of spreadsheets and pivot tables that tell you interesting information that doesn’t really help you determine how to improve your marketing performance?
  • Are you unable to reach prospects early in the buying cycle so that you are decreasingly in the choice set for purchases of your products and services?
  • Do you sell B2B but are finding the old offline methods (trade shows, print ads) no longer generate many valuable leads for your sales team?
  • Do you sell through online resellers and find yourself unable to influence revenue growth through these indirect online channels?
  • Is social media a confusing morass that seems more like a black hole that sucks up money and effort, causing you to be stuck between ineffective action vs very visible inaction?
  • Is content personalization an aspiration buried in your marketing plan with no real path to implement?

DirectiveGroup has recently partnered with a company supported by Microsoft, the Canadian Government and some of the top minds in the academic world to introduce an A.I., machine learning tool, which we believe is an excellent solution to the aforementioned scenarios, and much more.

Our solution – in a nutshell – looks deeper, tracks longer, learns faster and as a result, drives more conversions to your company in a cost-effective and timely manner. Oh, and did we mention that we integrate with your CRM?

In a recent case study, our solution took a client with so much content that it was determined that a prospect could follow one of TWO MILLION conversion paths, so overwhelming that the company was unable to determine which content was most likely to lead to conversions. Once our solution was implemented, it was determined that there were ONLY TEN main pathways to conversion, which once focused on, significantly reduced cost of acquisition even as the conversions were increasing.

We can deliver this kind of result for you.

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call today. Call Lisa Maier at 813.341.3800 x2700 or email me at lisa.maier @ directivegroup.com and let’s talk about how to our AI solution can solve many of your thorniest marketing problems.


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