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Build Your Website Like You’d Build Your Business

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Business Strategy & Process, Website Management

The internet wasn’t created just to pass around cute cat pictures and silly songs: The Internet was created to ease communication between government, the military and major industrial suppliers. Today’s internet is still an effective way make connections up and down your supply chain because today’s internet works for business as well as people.

The days of just building a website and waiting for the orders to roll in are long gone (if they ever existed at all). Your company’s website is your front door to the online world and it should reflect the same level of professionalism and service to online visitors as the people who walk into your physical front door.

Websites Don’t Exist In A Vacuum

Building your business website so it can be easily indexed and recorded by search engines is just the first step, you need to create interest in your business as well. Driving traffic to your site is as vital to your success as making personal connections in real life. it’s important to remember that even though you may sell to a business, that business is not a faceless entity, it’s made of individual people, and making the connections with the people who drive your success is an important part of a successful online business-to-business campaign.

Business Is Personal On The Web

Making one-to-one connections is where the web can really help take your B2B marketing to the next level. Between business directories that round up all the key players in your industry in one spot to building your business connections on LinkedIn and personal connections of Facebook, the web has created new opportunities to reach out and contact new customers and build new business for your company.

Facebook alone is referring over a quarter of social media traffic to websites, and LinkedIn has become the nation’s leading website for business professionals to make new connections and find the people they need to make their companies successful in today’s fast-paced marketplace. With all this activity on the internet, creating a website that appeals to your customer on a personal level is a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Build For Online Growth

Creating a website that engages your customers and drives sales works well with a marketing strategy that drives customers to your website. At Directive Gorup, we can help you reach out to your key customers where they live online and create an integrated marketing strategy that creates leads and builds interest in your business and create a website that closes the sale and bring more business into your front door. Call us today at 866-925-9524 or fill out the quick contact form on this page and we’ll help you build an online presence that’s worthy of your company’s good name.


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