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Be Brilliant In 2015

by | Dec 27, 2014 | Brand Management, Business Strategy & Process

Your company will be most brilliant in 2015 if you shine online. Are you shining online?

Can your prospective customers find you when they go online to search keywords of the products or services your business provides? If not, you have much more opportunity to show your brilliance in 2015. Much more opportunity to generate new leads, create brand awareness and deliver incremental revenue. Let the world know exactly how you can help them in their endeavors, don’t keep it a secret!

Could your company benefit from gaining greater visibility online? Let’s look at a few ideas for how you can receive more inquiries and phone calls from the internet.

Do you know who your competitors are? I often ask company executives if they know who their competitors are. Of course, they quickly rattle off several names. Then, I’ll ask them for a keyword which best describes what they do and we do an online search. The results appear, next I say, “Are any of these companies listed your competitors? “ And many of them reply, “No”. I say, “Who do you think is getting the phone calls for those products and services? “ Then they get it and say, “I need to be visible online!” Find out who your real competitors are and beat them at their own game.

What challenges are your prospective clients facing? What pain are they experiencing? People search online for their problems and needs in hopes of finding the answer for relief. What keywords would help them to find you? Lower back pain, network system is down, fear of public speaking, foundation cracking, excruciating toothache, injection mold contract manufacturing? Market the problems, symptoms and needs you are able to solve, the more specific the better.

What differentiated solution do you provide? Think about why the person searching would click on your listing over the others? Is it a great product, unique service, valued promotion? Provide a special customer experience to attract people to your company. They are searching online to find help and if they find you, you may likely be the answer. You are the solution people are looking for, be visible online so they can find you.

Be brilliant in 2015. “Your shine is not simply seen it is felt.” -M.H. Clark

If you have any questions on how to shine online or DirectiveGroup can be of any help to you, please feel free to give us a call.


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