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Accelerate B2B Growth: What Is Sales Enablement and Why It Is Important

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Business Strategy & Process

B2B selling has become more challenging. Some of the challenges include new purchasing habits, changing markets, and aggressive growth goals. Currently, salespeople are finding it had to keep up with the pace.

Sales organizations are trying to make sure the reps are more productive, skilled, and knowledgeable about attaining their goals. As a result, numerous sales firms have invested in sales enablement. 

Some people only have an idea about what sales enablement means. However, you may still ask yourself why sales acceleration has become a priority in numerous organizations.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales acceleration is important to a well-organized team. It ensures the sales team is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and processes to maximize each sales opportunity.

Digital marketing and sales acceleration can improve sales in an organization, increase client loyalty, and boost revenue. Some of the benefits of sales acceleration include:

Creating Efficiencies 

Some organizations are not aware of the misalignment in their sales, and marketing groups are costing them a significant amount of money. Despite producing more content, such firms are not aware of the existing content that is inaccurate. Unnecessary duplication has a negative impact.

For instance, the old content will persist on the internet, whereas the useful information will not appear on the search engine results. The inaccurate content will also appear across different channels. The sales team should stop coming up with poorly used content. They should instead utilize digital marketing to accelerate sales.

When the sales and marketing team is well aligned, it can enable the business to view sales and digital marketing as similar processes. It will be possible to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Digital content should be informative, useful, and personalized for a business to have a better conversion rate when turning visitors into potential buyers. Sales reps will not have to spend time coming up with new content since they cannot locate the materials provided for marketing purposes.

It is possible to determine the sales process’s needs at each point in the consumer’s journey through collaboration. The right content should be delivered using the most suitable format and medium to connect with each client. The material will not have to be recreated since it had been misaligned during the sales cycle; the content can be altered to deliver a personalized experience for each client.

The benefits of combining digital marketing and sales acceleration initiatives include:

  • Minimizing the need to recreate ineffective content.
  • Sales reps will spend less time creating content.
  • Engaging consumers early in the sales cycle.

Making Sure the Digital Investment Counts

Currently, potential consumers have access to large bits of information. When they collect more data, they will have a hard time deciding whether they will purchase the offered products and services. As a result, digital marketing and sales strategies should be aligned to ensure the consumer gains access to the right information at a certain point in the sales cycle.

The Close Rates Will Improve

The sales reps will require content at various stages of the sales cycle. The content may be for an infographic or a long blog. The right content should be delivered to the right consumer at the right time; this is why content strategies are essential for sales acceleration. They should be included in the digital marketing strategy.

When an organization does not have a comprehensive content strategy plan, it will lose control of the content they post, and there will be a negative impact afterward. A good content strategy adheres to the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have developed the buyer personas.
  2. The sales journey should be mapped for each persona.
  3. Identify where the content is required in the sales journey.
  4. The purpose of the content should be defined.

The content developed by the sales representatives should be suited for specific personas; otherwise, the content will be ineffective. The collaboration will also help ensure the sales and marketing department can formulate a suitable strategy to improve its close rates.

Leaders Role in Sales Acceleration

For any company to succeed, the leadership team should be firm and consistent. The leaders should also develop a strategic vision that will make it possible to attain specific goals. In this case, the main goal is to accelerate B2B growth through sales acceleration. As a sales acceleration leader, you can achieve your goals by adhering to the following tips:

  1. Being able to Pivot
    In sales acceleration, the leader is tasked with coming up with the strategy, goals, and objectives. A leader should look into the programs that should support the readiness and effectiveness of the sales team. They should also oversee the interactions and activities between the sales managers, sales representatives, and sales leaders to ensure each program has progressed successfully.
  2. Practicing Strong Communication
    As a leader in charge of overseeing sales acceleration, you should be conversant with the importance of strong communication. The leaders should ensure the sales representatives know the latest information and content needed to accelerate B2B growth.

How to Plan for Success

Sales acceleration entails ensuring there are better sales conversations to improve sales productivity and increase sales performance.

When planning an effective sales acceleration strategy, the following tips may come in handy:

  • The requirements for the salespeople to succeed should be determined.
  • Sales acceleration should be determined for each organization.
  • The plan should be accorded the best chance of succeeding.
  • Other team members should be involved in the sales acceleration process.
  • New methodologies should be deployed and reinforced.


A good sales and marketing strategy means that the company’s resources are being utilized well. When dealing with sales acceleration, marketing can also entail exploring new markets. Through collaborative efforts, it is possible to scale sales. The right content should also be provided at the right time in the sales funnel or the consumer’s journey.


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