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When you ask people if they like what they do for work, most people 70% by some polls- dislike their jobs. And a large portion actively hate their job!

Common complaints include not feeling appreciated, or not having enough time to complete the work they are given. Many people cite that they wish they had more flexibility in where or when they work.

As American workplaces are evolving, an emphasis on enjoyment of work is starting to take shape. More companies are realizing that in order to have the “best place to work” they have to provide more than just an income.

For our customers, this may mean changing the products they sell, and the places they work. With 50% of Americans working at least part of the week from remotely and 90% wishing they did, the need for office space, office furniture, and home offices are changing. The Internet, and the availability of high-speed Internet in even more remote locations has meant that work no longer needs to be confined to a large building in a city.

The evolving workplace has smaller individual workspaces within an office as employees take advantage of flex time or a “remote day” but still report into an office. Collaborative areas are being created where people can gather in more living-room-like spaces to brainstorm or network.

Cell phones, (more powerful than desktop computers once were), give employees access to emails, spreadsheets, applications, and more–and their customers and coworkers access to them, 24/7. While this connectivity is beneficial for many during the day, it can cause a good job to go bad. In fact, a new French law bans email after work hours to prevent burnout of workers.

Despite furniture, workstation and technology changes, today’s business are adding in meditation rooms, walking trails, gyms and cafeterias to lure and retain talent. The notion that happier, healthier employees are more productive is not new, and is backed up with plenty of studies. Employers who can focus on the employee first always win. In fact this philosophy is the benchmark of the success by some of the most well-known businesses in the world, such as Wegmans and Starbucks.

The ideas about what makes the best place to work, are changing, but what remains the same is the employee’s desire to do a good job, have a good manager, and get along with their coworkers. The intangible things that make a job a best place to work stand the test of time, and as employers, should always be a priority.



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"Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today."
- Ernest Hemingway