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Shape Your Marketing Strategy With Google Analytics

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Analytics & Data Management, Paid Digital Advertising

It is rather surprising to imagine how advanced computing systems have become within a very short time. Considering that not even a century has passed by since the modern computers were first created, Information Technology has become very sophisticated and there are several extraordinary technologies that are capable of accomplishing tasks that would take centuries for the collective human population to complete.

Google Analytics is one such extraordinary friend for any businesses interested in shaping an optimal marketing strategy. It makes use of effective algorithms and uses its ‘computer brain’ to map an effective and optimal method for you to succeed in your business. Even though it can be hard at first to understand the technical concepts underlying Google Analytics, with time and experience it can become your best friend in the field of business. Here are some effective tips you can use to shape your business marketing strategies.

Data Collector

Google Analytics can be considered as a tool that effectively keeps track of some very important data concerning your websites. From the number of viewers to the amount of time spent on an average by them, Google Analytics works out all the cumbersome data and informs you exactly what can be done to optimize your efforts. Google Analytics can be categorized into 8 major parts – shortcuts, dashboards, intelligence events, audience, real-time, acquisition, conversions and behavior. These classifications are further divided into several categories delivering a multitude of data out of which marketing professionals need to consider only the concepts relevant to their business.

Audience, Behavior and Acquisition Analytics

Google Analytics is a vast ocean of data which was designed to analyze a multitude of marketing tasks. However, most general marketers do not need to pay attention to the spick and span of everything that lies in Google Analytics. Most businesses deal with three major sections which include Audience, Behavior and Acquisition. While the Audience section provides very important information concerning the visitors of your website, the Acquisition section is quite prominent with the information of how exactly your visitors were informed about your website. It tells you where they came from (attribution). The audience section also provides valuable data concerning the demographics of your audience including the age group and location of the visitors of your website. The behavior section gives a brief idea of how interactions take place between the viewers and your website. It shows you what is frequently viewed on your website and which post or page on your website is liked the most by the viewers.

Optimizing Your Website Based on The Observations by Google Analytics

Every business should be optimizing their website frequently based on the observations made by Google Analytics because these observations give a clear idea of what is more favorable to the customers and the audience of the website. For example, paying special attention to audience demographics and updating your website with respect to those observations will benefit the performance of your site and attract a large number of the potential audience to your website. Finding out what kind of people have a special interest in your site can also develop a personal connection and understanding between you and your viewers; prompting their responses to be more significant. Paying special attention to the sources that gave rise to your traffic is also essential as it is a determinant of the place on the Internet where the majority of your traffic develops from. For example, if Google Analytics pinpoints the fact that most of your audience are due to organic search, it would be very fruitful to strengthen that channel to further enhance the number of viewers from organic searches visiting your site. Hence, optimizing your website based on observations from Google Analytics would be one of the best ways to make good use of this tool.

Get Started Today

These are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind when you interact with this extraordinary business marketing tool. By making good use of these methods, one can definitely enhance his productivity and make every visit to his website very relevant and interesting to all the viewers. This will further attract a relevant audience and make the website an ideal one to visit. Let us at DirectiveGroup assist youto make better use of Google Analytics in a more detailed manner.


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