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Is your data working for you… or are YOU working for your data?

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Analytics & Data Management, Artificial Intellgence

We live in the age where information and data analysis has become key to good business practice. The goal is simple: Gain understanding of precise attribution, in a timely fashion, to learn which marketing campaigns lead to higher conversions and lower acquisition costs.

What is true attribution?

True attribution is the holy grail for digital marketers. Many say it is the most pressing issue today.

Attribution ensures that you can learn from your data and every unique visitor’s content consumption pathway beginning at their first contact all the way through to conversion.

The usual outcome most marketers are mired in instead?

A virtual avalanche of data, much of which is incomplete, out of date and/or insignificant. Working through this overwhelming amount of data to find something clear and actionable can take weeks of valuable time better spent elsewhere.

Without full and “true attribution” marketers are at a loss on what works and the all-important why. If we do not understand where and how customers move through their buying process we certainly cannot deliver the content needed to move prospects forward. That is money left on the table friends!

Our solution?

A crystal-clear understanding of the entire customer journey from all channels and across devices and platforms, fully analyzed and delivered in near real time.

No longer will you need to guess and grasp at straws hoping your combination of ads and content will deliver your desired results. No more marketing spend hoping for the best. Instead you will know exactly from your testing what leads to conversions and why.

How? Enter machine learning:

Our powerful artificial intellegence applications, including machine learning, are able to precisely identify specific users and learn from their content consumption pathways across multiple devices and platforms, all in real time. Our solution delivers accurate visitor data that can easily attribute to your efforts to the content your visitors consume. Through our system you will now be able to identify trends, geo-data, new market segments based on content consumption and other readily available information which provides a near real-time understand of what your visitors truly want and exactly where they are in their buying process.

How is that for a data solution?!

The machine learning process will also grow with your business enabling you to reap additional benefits over time (usually within about nine months) by delivering predictive analysis in near real-time allowing you to accurately deliver consistent results and not be at the mercy of ever-changing buyer behavior. Instead of being buried by nebulous data you can be empowered by a system that is able to analyze huge volumes in a fraction of the time, allowing you to easily see which keywords, ads and content consumed will create the best pathway to conversion for your buyers.

In short:

True attribution delivers actionable information and we can deliver on that for you with our ground-breaking AI products.

Adopt AI now and get ahead of your competition.


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