Are You Using Content Marketing Well?

There is a very interesting article on Forbes by Greg Satell about the correct way to do content marketing. He made some arguments for moving from the general “content” concept to the mindset of “becoming a publisher.” He also talks about defining your mission and making it a priority to hold attention rather than just grab it. Finally he ends the article recommending we create as much value as possible and focus on content skills rather than content strategy.

You can check out the entire article, “How to do content marketing right.

What do you think about his ideas and more importantly will they work for your business?

How To Do Content Marketing Right

Content is hot! What used to be a relatively small cadre of bloggers and YouTube enthusiasts has become a major marketing arena. There is a slew of specialist agencies producing branded content and major

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Is Your Content Marketing a Message in a Bottle? You Need a Content Strategy

You’ve probably heard the marketing chestnut “Content is king.” And indeed, content marketing is a lynchpin to your business’s online success. However, what is becoming increasingly true is that, for successful companies, content marketing by itself isn’t enough. Instead, as recent polls show, more companies than ever are realizing they need effective content strategy to drive their marketing activities.

The Numbers Tell the Tale: Successful Companies Employ Content Strategy

The Content Marketing Institute’s annual marketing polls report marketing trends of the previous year and use that data to predict future trends for the year, and years, ahead. These polls provide some of the best statistics on what companies are doing in the marketing sector. Regarding content marketing and content strategy, the latest numbers are striking:

In the B2B Field:

  • 93 % of respondents use some form of content marketing.
  • 44% of respondents employed a documented content strategy; however…
  • 66% of
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Content Marketing Matters To Businesses – Here’s Why

The value of content marketing can’t be overstated. After all, what is the Internet but a big conglomeration of words?

If you are marketing online, it is important to understand the concept of content marketing. (Or you should have a trusted online marketing company working with you who understands it!)

Content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing content that is relevant and valuable with the purpose of attracting, engaging and acquiring a clearly defined and understood target audience with the goal of generating revenue.

To fully understand the statement above, let’s break it down into its key components:

Key Component 1: “content that is relevant and valuable

Just because it is called “content marketing” does not mean that the content provided should be a series of sales pitches. Nothing turns off an audience more than a lot of information thrown at them about why they … Continue reading