The Most Effective Sales Lead Generation Techniques

No matter what industry you are in, generating sales leads is critical. Every business sells something and whether it is a service or a product, you need to constantly generate leads that will transition into clients.

What Is A Sales Lead?

A sales lead is a person who has expressed interest in your product or service. In other words, they have “raised their hand” in some way letting you know that they are beginning their education process which may, or may not, lead to an eventual sale for your company.

In the online world, a lead is often thought of as anyone for whom you have a name and email address. This is not necessarily true. If the person voluntarily gave you their name and email address that essentially lets you know that they are interested, and that is a lead. However, if you have collected business cards at an event or gathered names and email addresses using a list broker, these are not leads; they are simply contacts.

What Is The Real Value Of A Lead?

A sales lead is the result of some marketing effort. A lot of time and effort is spent trying to get leads so it is important to understand the true value of a sales lead. It is also important to understand that without a good follow-up plan, a sales lead is a tremendously wasted opportunity. This is because a person who has voluntarily given you their information is not only letting you know they are interested, often they are asking you to contact them because they would like to continue the education process.

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Email Marketing Remains One Of The Most Effective Online Marketing Tactics

Many people mistakenly believe that bulk email marketing is a technique that has passed its prime. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other communication channels it may seem to some that email marketing is no longer the way to reach prospective customers.

The statistics prove them wrong.

Email Is #1

According to a study conducted by Pew Research showed that reading or sending email is the most popular online activities. Further, it has consistently remained the most popular online activity since 2002 when Pew began tracking.

Bulk Email Marketing Works

Now that you know that email is how most people spend their time online, you may still doubt the effectiveness of email as a marketing
tactic. But savvy business owners still invest in email marketing because it works. Here’s the proof:

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Best Practices for Email Marketing

If you’ve spent any time researching how businesses are using email marketing you may be confused. This is because you will find differing opinions on how often email should be sent, how the email should look, and what day of the week and time of day it should be sent. Through trial and error, email marketing tactics have been refined based on the preferences of customers. But customers differ from industry to industry so your email marketing needs to be modified depending on your customers.

But what is perfectly clear is that email marketing is very effective for directly communicating with your customers. People read email. Moreover, people use email to share relevant information within their social network. A study done in September, 2010 by Chadwick Martin and Bailey shows that close to half (49%) of consumers share content online at least once per week, with the vast majority sharing … Continue reading