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Moving Small Energy Businesses Forward

by | Nov 17, 2010 | Business Strategy & Process, Digital Marketing

The Energy Industry has been dominated by large corporations for the last 5 decades. However, due to continued legislative development, smaller energy companies are emerging and providing consumers with alternatives to what has “always been”.

One of the primary obstacles facing these companies is developing a brand that can compete with those who’ve been around for years. While this is possible with an unlimited budget, these start-up companies have limited resources to develop the brand recognition needed.

Leveraging the Three-Legged Stool

When it comes effectively developing a brand and creating a buzz about a new alternative for consumers, the “Three-Legged Stool” approach is a great strategy for building a business:

  1. Website – Without an effective website, any Internet Marketing campaign is destined for failure. This means having a website that is not only functional, but is designed in a way that draws a visitor in, aiding in the conversion of site traffic to new clients.
  2. Search Engine Marketing – A simple fact of start-up businesses is they will not generate traffic without spending some money putting their brand in front of consumers. This means being able to effectively focus on the target population and reduce the cost per lead generated. The paid feature of marketing is both tradition PPC ads as well as contextual and banner ads across sites where your target market frequent.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – SEO is simply the process of gaining “organic”, or unpaid visibility in Search Engines. While competing against larger companies who have been around for what seems like forever, it is oftentimes not difficult to achieve better ranking. These companies rely solely on their known brand to carry them forward, with very little emphasis on proactive marketing. Couple tradition SEO strategy with a comprehensive Social Media strategy to educate your target audience, and you’ll be set to outperform most large organizations.

Want to learn more about the Three-Legged Stool and how you too can develop a powerful online presence? Check out the free webinars we offer most Tuesdays and Thursday.


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