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Consumer Search Behavior You Can Profitably Act on Today

by | Feb 10, 2019 | Business Strategy & Process, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Do you know the benefits of consumer search insights? As a marketer, manager, or marketing executive, you should understand the importance of adjusting your search marketing strategy to the realities of online search behavior. The consumer search behavior insights that you can profitably act on today include investing more time and resources in SEO, focusing SEO efforts on Google search, and creating better content for the keywords that you are targeting. Oh, and don’t forget to target trending phrases such as “best” or “near me.”

Invest More Time And Resources In SEO

One of the ways that you can use online search behavior insights to drive your business is to invest more in SEO. Even though there are many benefits to implementing SEO including a substantial increase in website traffic, a larger customer base, and a tremendous boost in sales, many small to medium-sized companies do not completely understand the importance of this effective marketing strategy.

Due to the fact that people are more likely to trust organic listings rather than paid advertising, a recent study noted that organic results from SEO often generate 30 times more clicks than paid results. The results of this study not only show the importance of non-paid search traffic, but the research also indicates that you cannot necessarily buy your way into generating more website traffic through a particular search engine.

While paid search certainly has its advantages, you should consider investing in the talent and processes of organic SEO to create excellent content that features your targeted search terms.

Focus SEO On Google Search

Consumer search behavior can prompt you to invest more in SEO, but your efforts will only be effective if you focus on the right search engines. About three years ago when Google only had a 68 percent market share, many marketers would try to reach as many potential customers as possible by using targeted keywords to rank well on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

According to much research, Google now accounts for roughly 92 percent of all web searches. Since Google is definitely the biggest search engine, you should focus your SEO efforts on Google properties like Google Images, YouTube, Google.com, and PLAs/Google Shopping.

Produce Better SEO Content

As you are leveraging SEO to improve your marketing strategy, remember to create more engaging content for the search terms that you are targeting. Videos can be great visual content for your targeted keywords since they are extremely accessible and easy to consume. In fact, a recent report stated that a well-optimized and interesting video can drastically increase the chances of your business appearing on the first page of Google.

As compared to plain text, videos garner a 41 percent higher click rate, return on investment, and conversion rate. In addition, when videos are properly integrated into your marketing strategy, they can generate quick SEO results. Because of the popularity and convenience of watching video on mobile devices, including engaging video content in your marketing strategy is sure to propel your brand to the top of the Google search results page.

Are You “Best”? Are You “Near Me”?

There are definitely search trends. For instance, these days people are trying to filter their search results by adding qualifiers such as ‘best’ or ‘near me.’ So make it a point to know what is trending within your target segments and then make sure you develop content to rank well for these terms.

Remember: We Are Here To Help!

After adjusting your marketing strategy to improve online search behavior, you should soon enjoy a more profitable business. If you need help implementing any of these strategies, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today! We are always here to help digital marketers perform better.


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