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8 Tips | Marry Summer With Your Marketing Message

by | May 12, 2014 | Brand Management, Business Strategy & Process, Digital Marketing

Although some of our clients thrive during the summer, most dread the inevitable decrease in business during the summer season. Seasonality always plays an important role in how well any business thrives during any time period. Why?

We all know that consumers’ needs change seasonally, or for the purpose of this article, during the summer. Summer is the time when most people (unless you live in the desert) spend more time outdoors, take more vacations and are even more spontaneous.

In the summer, people tend to change their habits. They eat less, eat light foods and tend to eat foods that take less preparation time. They are more aware of what they consider to be imperfections of their bodies. They may exercise more or spend more time in salons and spas.

Another obvious change is wardrobe. Consumers tend to wear lighter colored clothing that breathes, open-toed shoes…and the ties get stored while the stockings get shipped to the dump.

Summer marketing messages, ideas, and strategies should recognize these seasonal trends. Below are eight suggestions that help you marry summer with your marketing themes.

  • Create a sense that summer is a time when anything is possible.
  • Tie your summer ads into a theme of recreation and fun.
  • Summer display and image ads should be bright and colorful.
  • Be creative and get risky with quirky props and whimsical ideas.
  • Remember that summer days are longer than winter days. If possible, change your hours of operation to meet this need.
  • Tailor your products and services to meet seasonal needs.
  • Promote seasonal products and services early in the summer and use customer loyalty programs to keep them coming back all summer, all year and year after year.
  • Whenever possible, plan simultaneous promotions for products and services that go together.

If you are thinking to yourself that the above tips are easier said than done, you are right. Don’t worry; this is not an endeavor you have to take on yourself. DirectiveGroup is here to help you at any stage of your marketing –from conception to planning, through execution to evaluation.


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