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3 Key Types of Online Customers You Want

by | Mar 14, 2015 | Brand Management, Business Strategy & Process, Social Media Marketing

So, you own a company and you are in search for more online customers and an increase in revenue. Who should you look to next? Your customers.

With the continued rise in social media platforms and the many channels that are available to a brand or company to speak on, it is no wonder that many small businesses, start-ups and even seasoned brands are left wondering, where can I find my ideal target audience? I know this may sound like a loaded question, because there is so much to take into consideration. Let’s stick to first uncovering, what type of customer you want to attract.

There are 3 types of online customers that attribute to the success of a dominant online presence for any company.

1. Brand Advocates
2. Brand Influencers
3. Brand Loyalists

You may be thinking, aren’t these all the same? Not even close. Let’s take a more in-depth look at each one.

A Brand Advocate is a type of customer that loves your product/service and will sing praises every time they use or think of what you offer. They will continuously write in favor of your company on social media platforms and blogs, while making it a point to share their satisfaction with their social circle of friends and family.

A Brand Influencer is a powerful compelling force. This type of customer has a following of their own and if your product meets or exceeds their expectations, they have no problem sharing your product/service to their many followers knowing that their influence will drive you more sales, for free.

A Brand Loyalist is a customer that will weather any storm and continue to buy your product/service for decades. It’s the customer that found the value in what you offer and doesn’t want to imagine a life without your product/service. While they may not always be vocal online or offline about your offer, you can be rest assured that they are your lifetime customer.

Now what? Well, it’s time to decide what type of customer you want to seek. Defining the type of customer you want to attract, will weigh heavily on what your online strategy will look like, and what type of tone/voice you will have, along with a number of other vital tactics to consider.

Keep in mind that you are a company and therefore you are a brand. Once you begin to think of your brand as an identity to define online, your online marketing strategy will begin to unfold and one of the first steps to take will be identifying your ideal customer.

In today’s online marketing world, you simply cannot afford to miss out on giving this enough thought. In doing so, you have begun to lay out a foundational plan on who your target audience is and how you will capture them in order to reach them directly.

Your online marketing strategy should take a turn into identifying and consuming who your customer is. Why? Your goal is to build a customer base that speaks for itself.

That is what we do. That is what internet marketing firms like DirectiveGroup look forward to carrying out for companies like you. Get ahead of your industry space by teaming up with a strategic digital partner that gets it.

Let’s start by leveraging your type of customers, so you can utilize your company resources more effectively.


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