In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we talk about the most impactful type of YouTube videos for marketing your business.

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Ten years ago when YouTube launched, no one could have predicted that the video-sharing platform would revolutionize the way we consume digital video content. Educational…entertainment…informational…YouTube’s popularity has itself even created entirely new video genres and pop-culture icons. YouTubers have completely redefined this landscape.

A few years ago I heard that YouTube was the number #2 search engine behind Google. And that was before growth further accelerated as a result of the smart phone explosion. Pretty powerful. You can jump on this incredible platform AND leverage its reach to grow your business too!


Here are the seven of the most impactful types of YouTube videos. Hopefully, these will help you start thinking about new types of videos you might produce, over and above the company introductory videos or biographical introductions many businesses produce.

1) Product Reviews – With product reviews, YouTube influencers offer feedback on a product or service. Product reviews can be very impactful in the purchase process as it is estimated that over 60% of consumers watch reviews before making a purchase.

2) How-To Videos – Educational How-to Videos show viewers how to do a specific task or process. Because this type of content is often viewed many times, this type of video can accumulate millions of views over time and are a very valuable resource, promoting your company, product or service.

3) Vlogs – Vlogs – or “video blogs” are like a personal diary – capturing the day-to-day life of the YouTuber. The content is generally authentic and unscripted and focused on a particular topic, like travel. Many vlogs have regular subscribers and viewers return in to see new posts.

4) Haul Videos – Haul videos feature a YouTuber showing off some type of product, clothing or home item. These videos highlight specific brands, they might include a review and can create an aspirational value.

5) Favorites – A different take of the product review or haul video, the favorite videos feature a YouTuber sharing a product or experience. Think of these as a way for influencers to make trusted recommendations.

6) Educational – Educational videos provide the audience with information through thought-provoking, interesting and/or entertaining videos. These videos target a specific demographic such as nature lovers, astronomers, bibliophiles, wine lovers, gardeners, etc. Because educational videos keep the user informed or help them learn something new, you can gain a real following based on interests, and these videos can be very influential in the purchase process.

7) Town Hall / Q & A – Question and Answer videos allow viewers to ask questions of YouTube stars, often by posting the inquiries in the comments section of a video. The topic of the questions is usually predetermined by the YouTuber and can facilitate a type of relationship or connection between the influencer and the fan.

Benefits Hopefully, just thinking about how to apply these types of videos to your business situation, you can come up with some pretty cool ideas. In previously recorded podcasts, we tell you how to produce interesting videos, and remember that in many cases, shorter is better.

YouTube can be a powerful force for communicating to your customers and prospects, building a community of supporters, and generating quality traffic to your website and business. Videos can be a very powerful and successful tool for you to use.

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