In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we give some quick tips about targeting local users with Facebook paid advertising.

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Let me start by asking, are you a local business in need of more foot traffic to help build local awareness?

Facebook Advertising can help! Facebook paid marketing allows your business to reach your target audience unlike any other social media platform. It offers you the flexibility to pinpoint the location of your target user, as well as other important demographics to make sure you’re reaching those you want to gain business from.

Gone are the days of casting a large net hoping for the good leads to stick. Facebook now gives you incredible control over who and where you market. It is just the push your local business needs in order to flourish.

And now we present you with a few tips on ways to capitalize.


You know your audience and your community better than anyone. So, why not speak directly to them, in a setting that allows you to be highly visible, transparent and relatable.

We encourage you to take note on the following recommendations:

1. Ad Objective: When setting up your ad Facebook requires that you select an ad objective. While there are many options to choose from, choosing wisely is half the battle. Two basic options are “Reach People Near Your Business” and “Raise Attendance At Your Event.” Because Facebook already knows your address, these options will target a radius parameter around your address, which you can customize to your liking.

2. Messaging: Use verbiage that connects with your target audience. Consider what they could be doing, or where they could be going when they see your advertisement in their news feed. Don’t be afraid to be relatable.

3. Be Detailed: Facebook offers you many options to customize your audience. Use these advanced options to go after your favorite type of customer. Use gender, income, interest, behavior, etc to effectively target your ideal customer.

4. Optimize: When you are first starting out with Facebook ads, test a few different messages to see which performs best so that you can then optimize that one. For example, develop 3 ad creatives for each campaign goal. Use slightly different messaging, images, and targeting options (demographic, behavior, interest) in each one. With enough data, you will quickly see what is working best; allowing you to reach your goals cost effectively and with speed.

5. Monitor Results: You cannot successfully run a marketing campaign on a social media platform without reading, analyzing and acting upon what the data is telling you. For example: If you are running 4 ad variations and one is not producing any click conversions and is costing you more per click than the rest, why keep it running? Use the results to take action, pivot where necessary and do more of what’s working in order to succeed.


Advertising on social media isn’t going anywhere. For as long as social media platforms are around, there will always be ways in which to use paid marketing tactics to gain a competitive advantage. Facebook continues to lead in many key areas of social media, so learning to master this platform and its many benefits will help your local business’s revenue goals.

Some key benefits to local targeting on Facebook’s platform include: – Catering to an audience that is more likely to stop by and purchase from you (proximity is still important). – Building local awareness creates opportunities for increased foot traffic, local press coverage, and brand recognition. – A much better return on investment than traditional marketing options (print, tv, radio, etc.)

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