In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we talk about marketing to Generation X and the things that set them apart from Millennials.

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Sometimes, it seems our best marketing efforts are falling on deaf ears. We talk and talk and talk, and yet somehow, the message is not being heard.

American playwright Charlie Kaufman once said, “Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.”

That quote could be something to keep in mind when considering marketing messages and methods. Especially as they relate to different generations. When you think about it, it makes sense that each generation has a unique perspective based on their life experiences. For this reason, successful marketers recognize the need to individually tailor both content and platforms to these different buying groups.

Today, we’re comparing and contrasting the X and Y (or Millennial) Generations. There is a big difference between their outlooks and how they live their lives, and how that translates into how they react to your marketing tactics.


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We’d like to look at 4 key differences between marketing to Gen X’s and Millennials based on these categories: Financial values, influencers, purchase habits, and sales and marketing. Keep in mind, Gen Xers are in their late 30’s, 40s and 50’s while Millennials are in their teens, 20’s and early 30’s.

1. Gen X are credit savvy and set medium-term goals.

Millennials are credit dependent, with short-term wants.

2. Gen X values expert opinions. They are influenced by reason and logic.

Millennials value their peers’ opinions and are influenced through experience – whether theirs or their peers.

3. Gen X are brand switchers.

Millennials have no brand loyalty.

4. Gen X is better reached through direct and targeted media.

Millennials are better reached through social channels and electronic media.


As I mentioned earlier, each generation’s worldviews shape the way they respond to marketing efforts. It’s crucial to understand your specific market segment in order to reach them and to speak in a way that resonates. And that they’ll act on. Otherwise, though you will be talking, you won’t be communicating and you will be less successful. By reaching out to each generation, in a way they will hear, will make your marketing actionable and effective. And that means a greater return on your marketing spend.

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