In this episode of Actionable Marketing In Minutes we talk about marketing to Millennials.

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I recently read an article that pointed out Millennials carry around in their pockets “more powerful and sophisticated computers than the ones used to launch the Apollo space flights.” That really gave me pause.

Millennials have grown up in a world of technology and knowhow to access just about any type of data with ease. And, because they spend a good amount of time on a myriad of social media channels, Millennials can easily be influenced long before the actual buying process begins.


Before we get to specifics, I’d like to point out: If your target market is between the ages of 16 to 36 then your business is marketing to millennials. This generation consumes media and has buyer preferences and habits that are exceptionally different from past generations. This podcast edition barely scratches the surface of one way to reach this generation. If you want to get a leg up on your competition and learn how to effectively market to these buyers, download our Marketing to Millennials ebook by clicking on the link in the podcast description.

Ok, now let’s get to talking about a few ideas of how to influence millennial buyers. It’s actually rather simple. Meet them on their various social media platforms. Take this time to get to know them and let them get to know you – and learn to trust you – now. And then, when they enter a buying process, they will know where to go.

Let’s dig into who they are so that we can better learn how to influence them before they make the purchase.

  1. They want to belong: fitting in with peers is definitely an overriding need for Millennials. What others think really matters. This plays out through their sharing everything on the Internet – and I mean everything.They believe their behavior must conform to their peers. Many businesses have learned to actually change group behaviors as though it were an innovative product launch. To do so, simply target early adopters and allow their influence to trickle down to their community of peers.
  2. They want to be seen: have you heard the term ‘humblebrags?’ These are casual shares of images and recent achievements many Millennials post on SM. Though they want to conform – they want to be perceived as special and cool…They want their peer group to recognize their efforts through likes and comments.You can profit from this behavior by having Millennials share – or amplify – your message. Simply start an event that enables them to build their social currency of wanting to be seen as cool. Sometimes, this can be done through a social awareness campaign. Have them share your content with a fun backdrop that will appear to be a humblebrag. Others will follow.
  3. They like easy: Studies show that many Millennials report their parents as very ‘there.’ In fact, the term ‘helicopter mom’ has surfaced with this generation. That said, a high percentage of Millennials are accustomed to living a life of low to no resistance. They like to go with the flow.

For those of us who seek to influence them, let’s keep that in mind. Make it easy!


Although we’ve in no way covered all the traits associated with Millennials, you get the gist. By learning a little bit more about your specific audience segments, your marketing strategies will benefit.

1. When focusing on each type of audience you can tailor your message for maximum reach.

2. When your message resonates with your prospects, the likelihood that they will share your message to their individual downstream audiences can only help to increase your success.

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